Why Do My Sandals Give Me Blisters? (& How To Stop It)

Why Do My Sandals Give Me Blisters?

Maybe you’ve finally found the perfect pair and you’re in love with them, but they’re causing blisters. Not only is that painful while they heal, but it’s also difficult to walk around in them because of the pain. Blisters are the bane of summer footwear. And it’s not just the sandals that cause them — …

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Do Timberlands Make You Look Taller? (Do They Add Height?)

Do Timberlands Make You Look Taller?

Timberland boots are an iconic American brand that has been a staple in the footwear industry for decades. Along with being known for their durability and reliability, it turns out Timberland boots can actually make you taller! The amount of height that Timberland boots can add to your height varies on numerous factors. The most …

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Do Timberlands Fit Big or Small? (True To Size or Not?)

Do Timberlands Fit Big or Small?

Timberlands are a type of shoes designed for outdoor activities like hiking. They are very popular among men because they can be worn in any season. However, many people have trouble figuring out the right size for them. Timberland boots are generally supposed to have a roomy fit throughout the upper part of the boot …

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Why Do Timberlands Hurt My Ankles? (What To Do About?)

Why Do Timberlands Hurt My Ankles?

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Timberlands, you may have experienced this painful (and annoying) sensation: your ankle starts burning and stinging as if someone is pressing a hot iron to it. Needless to say, that’s not the feeling you should get while wearing a pair of boots. But what causes this painful situation, …

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Do Boots Make You Look Slimmer? (Will Your Legs Look Longer?)

Do Boots Make You Look Slimmer?

Boots that make your legs look slimmer are a fashion trend. But do boots really make you look more slender? There is no doubt that boots can improve your overall appearance. But if the aim is to make your legs look slimmer, then the length of the boot would be a deciding factor. Let’s investigate… It’s …

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Does Mizuno Make Wide Shoes? (Are They True To Size?)

Mizuno shoes are designed to offer flexibility, the shoes are built using low-density sole materials to absorb impact when striking the ground. Mizuno’s wave technology also provides maximum cushioning in all the right places during heel strikes, giving you less chance of injury. But do people with wide feet get to experience this as well? …

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Are Ecco Shoes Wide Fitting? (What Is Freedom Fit?)

Do Ecco shoes run wide?

If you have problems with conventional shoes, narrow-width shoes, or even shoes which do not fit at all then you should take a look at Ecco shoes that are made with a clever comfort technology called Freedom Fit. This is a shoe fitting technique that makes ECCO shoes an ideal fit for a wide variety …

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Do Twisted X Shoes Come In Wide Width?

Does Twisted X have wide sizes?

When it comes to shoes for wide feet, comfort is the number one thing. If you are looking for a wide-width shoe for women or men or children, you will want to know about the Twisted X brand. These are very comfortable boots even in a regular width. The Twisted X company specializes in making …

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