Shoes Like Altra (7 Altra Lone Peak Alternatives)

Shoes Like Altra

Altra shoes are some of the most unique and comfortable running shoes on the market. Their minimalist design makes them an attractive option for those who want to go barefoot but don’t want to worry about stepping on a rock or getting cut by glass. The Altra Lone Peak is a great example of this …

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Ouch! Flip Flops Hurt Between Toes: How To Fix

Flip Flops Hurt Between Toes

Most flip flops have little rubber nubs that prevent the straps from sliding around. But these nubs can be uncomfortable when you’re walking around in them all day – especially if you have sensitive skin or other foot problems. Flip flops are a great footwear option for summer, but they can be uncomfortable for certain …

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Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much in Sandals? (Smelly Sandals)

Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much in Sandals?

As women, we’ve all experienced the anxiety that comes from putting on our favorite pair of sandals and then discovering that our feet have been sweating the whole time. It’s embarrassing, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Trying to figure out why your feet are sweating in sandals or other open-toed footwear is half the battle – after …

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Why Do My Sandals Give Me Blisters? (& How To Stop It)

Why Do My Sandals Give Me Blisters?

Maybe you’ve finally found the perfect pair and you’re in love with them, but they’re causing blisters. Not only is that painful while they heal, but it’s also difficult to walk around in them because of the pain. Blisters are the bane of summer footwear. And it’s not just the sandals that cause them — …

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Can You Wear Sandals with Tights? (Is It OK?)

Can You Wear Sandals with Tights?

Sandals and tights seem like they should be an easy match, but the reality is that they can be trickier to pull off than you might think. Before you commit an entire day to sandals and stockings, consider your body type and the style of footwear you’re looking to wear. If you have larger calves …

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Do You Have to Paint Your Toenails to Wear Sandals?

Do You Have to Paint Your Toenails to Wear Sandals?

You can wear sandals with or without nail polish, but it’s worth considering whether you really need to paint your toenails in the first place. Let’s get one thing out of the way: It is not taboo to wear sandals without a pedicure. In fact, it’s shockingly common. Some surveys have shown that as many …

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Are There Sandals for Dogs? (Do Dogs Need Shoes?)

Are There Sandals for Dogs?

Whether you love them or can’t stand them, there are products and services for dogs of every size and shape you can imagine. Thanks to technological advances, clothing for dogs is a growth industry. Are there sandals for dogs? Is it ok if my dog wears boots? Do dogs need shoes for the heat? The …

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What Are Teva Sandals Good For? (Will They Work For You?)

What are Teva sandals good for?

Teva sandals are synonymous with active, outdoor lifestyles. Whether you’re playing hard or lounging at the pool, Teva has a sandal for you. They’re good for: men and women, kids and grown-ups; style and performance; water and wild adventures; urban and rural; playing and chilling; shorts and skirts; day and night; world over; boots and …

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What Are Birkenstocks Good For? (Are They A Match Your Feet?)

What are Birkenstocks good for?

What is it about Birkenstocks that makes them so appealing to so many people? One would assume that they are just a pair of shoes which have been around for a very long time and have now gained popularity. However, there is more to it than that. Birkenstock sandals are known for their quality construction, …

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What Are Crocs Good For? (Are They Good For Your Circumstances?)

What are crocs good for?

The all-over comfort and instantly recognizable style have made Crocs a billion-dollar phenomenon. Crocs are everywhere because they are fresh, fun, and make the world a happier place. That’s why they are good for everything from kicking around in after a day at work to dinner with friends. And once you’ve tried them on, you’ll be …

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What Are Chaco Sandals Good For? (Very Versatile)

What are Chacos good for?

Chacos have been designing and selling innovative footwear that has taken off in hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, fly fishing, paddling, running, and outdoor community. Whether your idea of fun is an epic overnight hike or putting in 12 hours straight of river rafting, Chaco makes footwear that supports you everywhere. Chaco sandals were originally invented …

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