About Us

I’m Bigal the guy behind this site and I’m the shoe guy.

If you are wondering how I came up with the name Tactics For Winners for my shoe site.. I didn’t.

This site was orginally created by my son who is a very good (champion) Call of Duty Mobile player. But he has lost interest in blogging so I have taken it over and I have no knowledge of gaming. So it is now a site about footwear.

I would like to say the name was a clever tactic on my part however the truth is way more boring.

Anyway. if you are looking for answers to all of your footwear related questions I hope you find this site very helpful.

If you are one of my sons gaming buddies looking for the latest tips and tricks for your online gaming – sorry can’t help you. But.. maybe a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals could improve your gaming experience:)