Do Timberlands Need Waterproof Spray? (Why Spray?)

Do Timberlands Need Waterproof Spray?

Most people know that Timberland boots are made for rugged conditions. They are sturdy and protective, with strong leather that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. But can they handle water too? In order to get the most out of your Timberlands, you should buy a waterproof spray for them. These sprays will …

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Are Shoes Allowed on a Yacht? (What Kind of Shoes?)

Are Shoes Allowed on a Yacht?

You really need to be sure that you know if shoes are allowed on your Yacht charter. There are some questions that you need to ask and some do’s and don’ts that you need to have in mind. What does the yacht charter company say about wearing shoes on yachts? Is it okay if you …

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Can You Get Climbing Shoes Wet? (Can You Wash Them?)

Can You Get Climbing Shoes Wet?

While it’s true that most shoes won’t soak through for regular use, if you’re planning on spending a day climbing in long routes where you’ll be in the water multiple times, or if you’re just looking for something with extra protection from water, consider a shoe with a Gore-Tex liner. Climbing shoes are designed to …

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Are Olukai Shoes Waterproof? (Can They Get Wet?)

Are Olukai shoes waterproof?

You see Olukai’s everywhere around water, at the beach, swimming pools, holiday resorts, and hey they are Hawaiin after all. So you would think they are waterproof – right? But you may be surprised to learn that no they are not. They are water-resistant but that’s not the same as being waterproof. Water-resistant leather shoes …

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Can Twisted X Shoes Get Wet? (IF So, Can You Wash Them?)

Can you wash Twisted X boots?

Twisted X footwear is built with the absolute highest quality leathers available in the market today, with super-tough construction fabric made right here in Texas. But most importantly they are built with the experience of all over the world trailblazing cowboys and cowgirls who know how to work boots hard! But can they handle the …

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What Are Teva Sandals Good For? (Will They Work For You?)

What are Teva sandals good for?

Teva sandals are synonymous with active, outdoor lifestyles. Whether you’re playing hard or lounging at the pool, Teva has a sandal for you. They’re good for: men and women, kids and grown-ups; style and performance; water and wild adventures; urban and rural; playing and chilling; shorts and skirts; day and night; world over; boots and …

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