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20 Shoes Similar to Vionic: Comfortable Orthopedic Shoes

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Vionic is known for its comfortable and fashionable shoes. which are designed to help people with foot pain. They offer different types of shoes. including sneakers. boots. and sandals.

Vionic’s line of footwear includes casual flats. athletic sneakers. sandals. and more. They even have clogs! They come in a variety of different styles so there’s something for everyone.

When it comes to orthopedic shoes that are both stylish and comfortable Vionic is one of the most popular brands howbeit it is also expensive. Also see: Do Vionic Shoes Hurt At First?

The following 20 brands all provide shoes like Vionic in various styles such as shoes. sneakers. slides. sandals. and more.

All of these are stylish and helpful for people who are suffering from foot pain caused by such things as plantar fasciitis. Also see: Mostelo Shoes Reviews


When you look at the similarities between OTBT shoes and Vionic shoes. there are quite a few things that stand out. Both companies make shoes designed to help your feet feel better. They both offer orthopedic styles. as well as casual options. Both brands are also known for their quality and comfort.

OTBT Women's Bushnell Wedge Sandals - Pewter - 6.5 M US

If you’re looking for a shoe that will give your feet all the support they need while still being stylish. then OTBT shoes may be the right choice for you.

If you love wearing Vionic shoes but want something with a little more edge. then it is well worth checking out OTBT shoes!

Both OTBT and Vionic shoes are designed to be stylish. comfortable. and supportive. OTBT shoes are made for walking and being on your feet all day; Vionic shoes are also made for walking. but they’re specifically designed to give you comfort and support as you go about your day.

2. Earthies

Earthies shoes are very similar to Vionic shoes. They both offer the same comfort and style. but Earthies shoes are more affordable.

Vionic offers a wide variety of styles for their orthopedic shoes. so you can find something that matches your style and preferences. They also offer a wide selection of colors for their shoes. which means you can get exactly what you want without having to settle for something less than perfect.

Earthies Women's Stone Carlow 7 Medium US

They’re both made with high-quality materials that can be worn day in and day out. The look of each shoe is meant to be classic. with just enough modern flair to make them unique.

Earthies Shoes and Vionic Shoes are both comfortable. making them great for everyday wear. They fit the foot well. and they don’t cause discomfort or pain after wearing them for long periods of time.

The soles are built to provide support while still being flexible enough for comfort; the uppers are soft and breathable so your feet will stay cool even when you’re wearing them all day long.

3. Born Shoes

Born Shoes and Vionic shoes are both stylish. comfortable. and orthopedically designed. Born Shoes are known for blending refined classic style with extraordinary comfort.

BORN - Womens - Kerri

Their shoes are made from high-quality leathers. suedes. and nubucks with soft linings that keep your feet happy no matter where you’re going on your adventure of the day.

Born shoes are designed to be comfortable and stylish. so you can look good while walking pain-free. They’re also made for women who want to feel confident and comfortable when they’re on their feet all day or running errands around town.

Born Shoes has a wide range of styles to choose from: sandals. heels. flats. boots. loafers even sneakers! They all blend refined classic style with extraordinary comfort.

4. Barking Dog Shoes

If you’re looking for stylish. comfortable shoes that are also supportive and orthopedic. Barking Dog Shoes might be the perfect fit for you.

Barking Dog Shoes are an excellent choice for those who can’t afford Vionic shoes but want to look great while wearing comfortable footwear.

Barking Dog Shoes are designed to be stylish. comfortable. and supportive. They’re a great option for women who want to look good and feel good while they’re on their feet.

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Barking Dog Shoes have been designed with comfort and style in mind—so they’re perfect for everyday wear. They have a feminine silhouette and they come in different colors and textures to match every outfit.

They also feature breathable uppers made with leather or fabric uppers and lightweight outsoles that provide traction on any surface.

5. Dansko Clogs & Shoes

If you’re looking for shoes that are simply good for your feet. all day. you should consider Vionic or Dansko. Both of these brands make orthopedic shoes that can help to relieve foot pain and other issues while still looking stylish and professional.

Dansko Women's Professional Black Box Clog 7.5-8 M US

Vionic shoes and Dansko shoes are both made with your feet in mind. Vionic shoes are designed to help you walk with more stability and comfort. while Dansko shoes are specially designed for people who stand for long periods of time.

Both Vionic and Dansko shoes have a wide range of styles to choose from. so you can find your perfect pair of comfy shoes.

Dansko uses their own patented “Danform” technology (which is basically just a fancy name for support) to help distribute weight evenly across the foot so it doesn’t have any chance of getting crushed underneath itself during use (which could cause injury).

6. Rockport Shoes

Rockport shoes are similar to Vionic shoes because they are both stylish and comfortable.

Both brands offer a variety of styles. from athletic-inspired to dressy. From the moment you put on one of these shoes. you’ll notice that they’re made from quality materials that conform to your foot’s shape. hug your heel. and support your arch.

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe.  Black.  10.5 D(M) US

They are also great for people who need orthopedic shoes. If you have plantar fasciitis or another foot condition. these shoes will help keep you comfortable so that you can get back moving again!

Both brands offer stylish. comfortable shoes that can keep up with you no matter what the situation. But these brands don’t just make a few styles—they offer dozens of options from which to choose!

You’ll find everything from casual sneakers to dressy heels. so you’ll always be ready for any occasion.

7. Brooks Sneakers

Brooks Womens Ghost 14 White/Heather/Ebony 11 B - Medium

If you’re looking for a Vionic shoe alternative. you might want to consider Brooks shoes. Brooks is known for their supreme comfort and supportive cushioning. which makes them a great option if you need orthopedic shoes that will help relieve pain in your feet and legs.

The company offers a wide variety of styles and colors. so there’s something for everyone. They also have a lot of different models with different levels of support. so you can choose the right one based on your specific needs.

Brooks shoes are stylish and comfortable. while still providing the support that you need to keep your feet healthy and happy.

8. Clarks Shoes

Clarks womens Ashland Spin Q Slip On Loafer.  Black.  8.5 US

Clarks shoes are a good alternative to Vionic shoes because they’re stylish and comfortable. When it comes to choosing Vionic alternatives. you want to make sure that you get a shoe that’s both stylish and comfortable.

You don’t want to sacrifice style just because you need an orthopedic shoe.

Luckily. Clarks know what they’re doing when it comes to creating quality footwear that is both stylish and comfortable.

9. Allegria

Alegria Debra Womens Shoes Fresh Baked 8 M US

Allegria shoes are designed with orthopedic technology to provide maximum support for any type of foot problem you may have. The most popular style is the Allegria Slip-On—it’s one of their top sellers because it’s so versatile!

You can wear it casually with jeans or dress it up for work or play dates by adding a pair of tights or leggings underneath.

Allegria’s are stylish and affordable. but they also offer all of the benefits of a Vionic shoe in terms of comfort and support. They’re easy to keep clean. easy to wear. and perfect for any occasion.

10. Bared Footwear

Bared Footwear is a good Vionic shoe alternative because they offer a similar level of support. quality. and comfort. but with a much more affordable price tag.

Vionic shoes are known for their orthopedic support and comfort. but they can be quite pricey. Bared Footwear offers a similar level of orthopedic support at a lower price point.

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Their shoes are made from high-quality materials and come in a wide range of styles.

At Bare Feet Footwear. you can find stylish shoes that are made from high-quality leathers. suedes. and nubuck materials and come in a variety of colors and styles. The sturdy construction means these shoes are built to last through many seasons of wear.

11. Ryka Tennis Shoes

RYKA Women's Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe.  Black/Purple.  9 W US

When you’re looking for a Vionic Shoe Alternative. Ryka Tennis Shoes are a perfect choice. They’re stylish and comfortable and make a great addition to your shoe collection.

Ryka is known for its comfy shoes that are made for women. They have a wide variety of styles and colors. so they’re sure to have something that will work for you. They have tennis shoes. walking shoes. water shoes. casuals. and more!

12. OluKai Sandals

OluKai Ohana Men's Beach Sandals.  Quick-Dry Flip-Flop Slides.  Water Resistant & Lightweight.  Compression Molded Footbed & Ultra-Soft Comfort Fit.  Black/Dark Shadow.  7

OluKai sandals were created to withstand the rigors of life as a waterman. while also looking good enough to wear on land. They succeeded in making a sandal that can hold up to the demands of watermen. while also being stylish enough to wear anywhere.

OluKai sandals are designed to last. and they’ve been tested in the water and on land. The leather upper is durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear. while the rubber sole gives you traction when you’re walking through water.

13. Naot Slides

Naot Footwear Women's Jennifer Silver Threads Lthr/Gray Suede/Gray stretch Slide Sandal 8 M US

Looking for a pair of shoes that will look great. but also help to keep you comfortable? Look no further than Naot.

The Naot range of comfortable footwear is ideal for people with orthotics. They provide a stylish and comfortable alternative to uncomfortable. unsupportive shoes that you might find at other stores.

The Naot Slides are orthopedic shoes with a cushioned footbed and arch support. so they’re ideal for people who have orthotics (and who don’t want to look like they have orthotics). The padded straps also make them perfect for women who have high arches and need additional support in their heels.

14. Naturalizer Loafers

Naturalizer Women's Adiline Loafer.  Black Leather.  8 Wide

The Naturalizer Loafers are the perfect balance of comfort and style.

They’re timeless in design and always a favorite. but their comfort level is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Not only do they offer an orthopedic footbed for shock absorption and support. but they also have a flexible sole that allows you to feel the ground below you as you walk.

These shoes are perfect for everyday wear.

15. Propet Shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will keep your feet happy. look no further than Propet. These shoes are the most comfortable walking sandals and comfortable walking shoes on the market.

Propét womens Travel Walker Ii walking shoes.  Silver Mesh.  9 US

Propet makes it easy to find the right shoe for you. They have a wide range of styles. colors. and sizes available in both men’s and women’s styles. From dressy ballet flats to casual flip-flops. there’s something for everyone!

Propet makes a wide range of comfortable walking sandals. shoes. and slippers. Their most popular styles include the Propet Women’s Travel Walker Sneaker and the Propet Women’s Travel Walking Shoe with Microban Suede Leather Upper.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet. these shoes will be your new best friend. They offer an orthopedic footbed that is designed to provide arch support and comfort all day long.

And with their patented rubber outsole. they give great traction so you can walk around confidently in any type of weather.

16. Mephisto

If you’re looking for a shoe that works hard and plays hard. Mephisto is the brand for you. Their shoes are designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day long but also stylish enough to look great when your feet are up.

Mephisto Women's Yael Sneaker.  Dark Taupe/Bronze.  6.5 M US

And they’ve got a wide range of styles—from slip-on sandals to boots—to suit any outfit or occasion.

Mephisto shoes are the gold standard for long-lasting. comfort-oriented footwear. This brand is well known for its wide range of styles and colors. as well as its commitment to creating comfortable shoes that are easy on your feet.

Mephisto shoes are particularly well suited to people who suffer from foot pain or need orthopedic shoes because they offer a wide selection of styles that look great and feel great on your feet.

17. Inov8 Sneakers

Inov-8 F-Lite™ G 300 Grey/White/Black UK 6.5 (US Women's 9) M

Vionic shoes are stylish and comfortable. but they’re not the only walking shoes out there. Inov8 is the world’s leading all-terrain footwear brand. and their Sneakers are a great alternative to Vionic if you’re looking for something different.

These shoes are perfect for anyone who loves to walk or run outdoors. They have a cushioned midsole and a flexible outsole. which lets you move freely without sacrificing support or stability.

The sneakers also come with a high-quality non-slip rubber sole that grips well on various surfaces. so you don’t have to worry about slipping when you’re wearing them outside in wet weather conditions.

18. London Fly Wedge Pump

Fly London Women's Wedge Sandals Closed Toe Heels.  Blue.  8.5

The first thing you’ll notice about the London Fly Wedge is how gorgeous it is—the rich leather and beautiful design make it a winner in the style department.

The second thing you’ll notice is that this shoe offers all of the support and comfort you need from an orthopedic shoe without sacrificing style. It’s got flexible rubber soles that help distribute pressure evenly across your foot. so you can feel supported and comfortable all day long.

Plus. the cushioned insoles are great for preventing foot fatigue as well as reducing stress on joints like knees and ankles.

If you need a pair of shoes that will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary without sacrificing comfort or support—and if you have wide feet like me—then these wedges are definitely worth checking out!

19. Chacos Sandals

If you love the look of Vionic but want more support and function from your shoes. then Chacos has got you covered.

Chaco Women's ZX2 Classic.  BLACK.  8 M US

Chacos Sandals are hiking sandals that provide the same level of comfort and support as Vionic shoes. Plus. they come in a variety of colors to match any outfit or mood—and they’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

If you want to be able to go out for a hike or walk around town without worrying about your feet hurting. then these are the sandals for you!

They are sturdy enough to handle the most rugged terrain but still flexible enough to be comfortable when you’re strolling down the street.

20. Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers are an excellent option for anyone who wants to be able to walk barefoot without sacrificing their style.

Vibram Women's Five Fingers.  KSO EVO Crosstraining Black Rose 41 M

They are designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot while providing all the support and stability that you would expect from a pair of shoes.

They come in a wide variety of styles and colors. so you can find something that matches your personality and wardrobe. And since they don’t have any laces or other fasteners to deal with. you’ll be able to slip them on quickly when you’re running late for work or school!

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