Best Ankle Boots for Short Legs: 10 Things To Look For

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You love the look of ankle boots, but as someone with shorter legs, it can be difficult to find a pair that flatters your silhouette. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With our expert tips and top picks, you can elevate your style with the best ankle boots for short legs.

From shaft height to design details, we’ll guide you through the key features to look for when choosing ankle boots that enhance your silhouette. And don’t forget about comfort! We’ll also share tips on finding ankle boots that not only look great but feel great too.

So whether you’re dressing up for a night out or looking for everyday wear, you’ll find the perfect pair of ankle boots to make your legs look longer and your style more fashionable. Let’s get started!

1. Shaft Height: Finding the Right Length

Are you tired of ankle boots that make your legs look stubby? Choosing the right shaft height can make all the difference. Shorter booties that hit just above or at the ankle bone are the most flattering for short legs.

These styles give the illusion of elongated legs, while high-shaft designs can cut off your silhouette visually.

Take a look at the image below for a visual representation of the ideal shaft height:

As you can see, a shorter shaft length creates a longer leg line, while higher shaft heights can create a choppy, less streamlined look.

2. Pointed Toe for Lengthening Effect

Elongate your legs with a pointed toe on your ankle boots. This design creates a streamlined shape that extends the line of your foot.

When paired with pants or tights of a similar color, pointed toe ankle boots create a continuous line that adds height and length to your look. The Frye & Co. Liv Chelsea Bootie is a prime example of a pointed-toe ankle boot that delivers on both style and comfort.

pointed toe ankle boots

Tips for Styling Pointed Toe Ankle Boots

  • Pair with cropped pants or midi skirts to showcase the lengthening effect of the pointed toe
  • Consider a nude or beige-tone pointed toe ankle boot to further enhance the leg-lengthening effect
  • Aim for a snug fit to avoid any unwanted creases or bumps that may disrupt the streamlined shape

3. V-Cut Silhouette for Visual Lengthening

Does your ankle boot have a v-shaped opening? This creates a visual lengthening effect that draws the eye upwards and makes your legs appear longer. Choose ankle boots that have a v-cut silhouette for a fashionable and leg-lengthening design.

The Lucky Brand Amesley bootie is a perfect example of a stylish boot with a v-cut design that enhances your silhouette. It comes in different colors and materials to fit any occasion and style.

4. Monochrome Styling for Continuous Line

Creating a continuous line from your ankle boots to your pants or tights can elongate your legs, and monochrome styling is the perfect way to achieve this effect.

By matching the color of your boots to your bottoms, you create a seamless flow that visually lengthens your legs.

If you’re looking for a sleek Chelsea boot option, the The Boss Boot in black is the perfect choice. However, if you want to experiment with color, try the brown or burgundy options.

monochrome styling

With its understated design and all-day comfort, the Everlane The Boss Boot is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

5. Platform Soles for Subtle Height

Are you looking for an easy way to add a little height without sacrificing comfort? Consider ankle boots with platform soles.

These shoes provide an extra boost while still keeping your feet stable and comfortable. Look for styles with a platform height under 2 inches to maintain optimal balance.

platform soles

The subtle addition of a platform sole can make a big difference in how you feel and look in your ankle boots. Not only will you gain a little height, but you’ll also have added cushioning for your feet. So step up your style with ankle boots featuring platform soles.

6. Nude Tones for Leg-Lengthening Effect

When it comes to choosing ankle boots, picking the right color can make a significant difference in creating a leg-lengthening effect. Opt for shades close to your skin tone, such as soft beige and blush, to create a continuous line that elongates your legs.

A great option to consider is the Vince Camuto Leandra bootie, which offers a range of flattering nude tones to match different skin tones and outfits.

Embrace the power of nude tones for a sleek and refined look that flatters your figure.

nude tones for leg-lengthening effect

7. Pairing with Skinny Jeans or Tights

One of the best ways to highlight your ankle boots and create a leg-lengthening effect is to pair them with skinny jeans or tights. The streamlined look of these bottoms creates a continuous line down your legs, making them appear longer.

To really emphasize this effect, consider tucking in your shirt above the waistline to draw the eye even further up.

Check out the Banana Republic Skinny-Fit Ankle Jean for a flattering and versatile denim option.

If you prefer tights, the Spanx Tight-End Tights offer comfortable support and come in a range of flattering shades.

Pairing with Skinny Jeans or Tights

8. High-Waisted Bottoms for Balanced Silhouette

When it comes to wearing ankle boots with shorter shaft heights, pairing them with high-waisted bottoms can help create a balanced silhouette. Look for high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts that hit at or above your natural waistline.

Not only does this style visually lengthen your torso, but it also helps to balance out the proportions of shorter ankle boots. This creates a cohesive and flattering look.

For a chic and modern take on this trend, try pairing black ankle boots with black high-waisted skinny jeans. The monochromatic look creates a continuous line that elongates the legs.

Alternatively, try a midi skirt paired with ankle boots and a tucked-in blouse for a polished and sophisticated ensemble.

high-waisted bottoms

Just remember, when choosing high-waisted bottoms, it’s important to find the right fit. Make sure the waistband hits at your natural waistline and doesn’t gap or bunch. This will ensure a streamlined and well-proportioned look.

9. Avoid Ankle Straps

If you’re looking for ankle boots that flatter shorter legs, steer clear of ankle straps. These straps create horizontal lines that can visually cut off your legs, making them appear shorter than they are.

Instead, go for clean, strap-free designs that create a continuous line down your foot and create the illusion of length.

avoid ankle straps

Tip: You can also avoid other horizontal lines, like horizontal stitching or bulky buckles, that draw the eye across the ankle and break up the line of the leg.

10. Comfort Matters

When it comes to choosing ankle boots for short legs, comfort is key. While style is important, you’ll want to prioritize boots that won’t cause discomfort or pain, even after a long day of wear.

Ensure that you choose ankle boots with a heel height that you’re comfortable with. If you’re not used to wearing heels, start with a lower heel, and gradually work your way up.

Make sure that the width of the boot provides enough support for your feet, and doesn’t feel too tight or constricting.

Remember, if your ankle boots aren’t comfortable, you won’t wear them as often as you’d like, and you certainly won’t feel confident in them. Consider investing in higher-quality ankle boots that are worth the extra expense, and prioritize comfort above all else.