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11 Shoes Like Natives: Fabulous Casual Slip-Ons

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Ah, Shoes Like Natives. If you’ve ever slipped your feet into a pair of these, you know the experience is akin to a casual hangout for your toes.

It’s like they took the best parts of summer—beach vibes, a carefree spirit, and that feeling of cool grass between your toes—and rolled it into footwear.

Whether you’re all about that casual style or you’ve got a brood of kids demanding kids’ footwear that can stand up to their adventures, you’ve probably found yourself wishing for more options that deliver the same magic.

But hold onto your slip-ons, folks. We’ve done the legwork (pun absolutely intended) and found 10 brands that bring the same kinda joy to your feet, without being carbon copies of each other.

These gems nail all the essentials: eco-friendly, light-weight, water-resistant, and, drumroll…breathable! Heck, most of them are so easy to clean, you’ll think you’ve hit the lazy-parent jackpot. I’m talking just a quick wipe or rinse, and boom, they’re good as new.

What sets these brands apart? Well, they’ve managed to capture that elusive blend of comfort and practicality, with a dash of style. The hole design isn’t just for show; it’s a breath of fresh air for your feet.

Going for a swim? The quick-dry and all-terrain features make these shoes a no-brainer. So, if you’re after summer shoes that you can also wear to a casual lunch, or you want a padded sole that doesn’t feel like you’re lugging around bricks, then buckle up.

We’ve got a list that’s not just about footwear; it’s about a lifestyle. And it’s all vegan materials and beach wear ready. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

Shoes Like Natives

Shoes Like Natives

BrandWhat You’ll LoveWhat to Watch For
Old Navy Water ShoesSuper affordable and perfect for the beach wear lifestyle. They’ve got that water-resistant and quick-dry mojo going on.Might not be the best for all-terrain walks or hikes.
Amazon Basic Slip-OnsYour go-to casual style shoe. Light-weight and easy to clean, it ticks all the boxes for quick errands.Eco-friendly? Not so much. Also, not very breathable.
Crocs Classic ClogsAh, the godfather of hole design and kids’ footwear. Super breathable and practically indestructible.Some people think they’re, well, not the most stylish. Taste is subjective, right?
TOMs Water ShoesThey marry eco-friendly materials with an ethos of giving back. Also, quick-dry for your aqua adventures.Not the best in the padded sole department.
Nordstrom Rack Kids’ Slip-OnsPerfect for the little tykes who demand kids’ footwear that’s both fun and functional.Might not hold up to the same all-terrain challenges as some other options.
Skechers FoamiesAmazing padded sole for the comfort seekers. Also, they have a pretty stylish casual style.They can be a bit on the pricier side, and not as light-weight as you might like.
Adidas Adilette SlidesGreat for sliding in and out, plus they’re water-resistant.Might lack in the breathable department. Also, not ideal for long walks.
Sanuk Yoga Sling SandalsIf you’re after that eco-friendly, vegan materials and a padded sole, look no further.Can feel a bit snug at first, and not really quick-dry.
Merrell Hydro HikersThese are the ultimate all-terrain, water-resistant shoes with a solid padded sole.Could be overkill for a simple day at the beach or casual outing.
DSG (Dick’s Sporting Goods brand) EVA Surfer Boy Perforated Slip-On SneakerAwesome hole design, light-weight, and perfect for your kiddos.Durability might not be its strongest suit.
Pebbles Shoes Kids & ToddlerGreat kids’ footwear option that’s also vegan materials friendly.Limited adult sizes, so mom and dad might be out of luck.

Each of these brands has something special to offer, whether it’s being easy to clean or having a comfortable padded sole. So go ahead, scroll down, and find your next pair of go-to shoes!

Shopping for Shoes Like Natives? What To Look For…

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Shopping for Shoes Like Natives? What To Look For…

So, you’ve got your eye on Shoes Like Natives, huh? Can’t blame you. It’s like walking on air while still looking chill. But hey, there are a sea of options out there, and you don’t wanna sink, do you? Let’s break down what you should look for so your feet can live their best life.

Comfort is King

The first thing you wanna look for? Padded soles. Nobody likes feeling like they’re walking on wooden planks. That’s more of a pirate thing. Also, a comfy pair should be light-weight. You want to feel like you’re floating on clouds, not dragging weights around. Oh, and let’s not forget breathability. Those feet gotta breathe, or they’ll rebel with an unpleasant aroma. Trust me, you don’t want that.

Water? No Problem

You never know when you’re gonna step into a puddle or decide on a whim to go beach bumming. So, water-resistant and quick-dry features are a must. Shoes that can transition from land to sea without turning into squishy sponges are the real MVPs. Seriously, it’s 2023; we don’t have time for shoes that can’t multitask.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Little details like hole design are not just for the ‘gram; they’re functional. They allow air to circulate freely, which is just another win for Team Breathability. Also, for those who care about Mother Earth, eco-friendly and vegan materials are a big plus.


If you’ve got mini-me’s running around, kids’ footwear options that are easy for them to slip on and off (without turning your living room into a war zone) are a godsend. And if they’re easy to clean, even better. One less thing to stress about, right?

Just Be You

Finally, you want shoes that match your casual style or even dress up a bit for those random social events. Yep, shoes can be stylish and comfortable. It’s not a myth.

There you have it. Now, armed with this checklist, you’re more than ready to find shoes that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Happy hunting!

What Type of Aesthetic Are Natives Shoes?

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What Type of Aesthetic Are Natives Shoes?

Ah, the aesthetic of Natives Shoes. Picture this: you’re at a hipster beach party where comfort is as important as looking effortlessly cool. The vibe is laid-back but intentional, like that Instagram influencer who swears they woke up like this.

Natives Shoes have this modern minimalism going on; they’re not shouting for attention, but they’re anything but basic.

So, what’s the aesthetic? I’d call it Casual Chic Meets Functional Minimalism. They’ve got this clean, sleek design, often monochromatic or with subtle color pops. No over-the-top frills or unnecessary bells and whistles.

Every curve, every hole (yeah, we’re talking that signature hole design) serves a purpose, whether it’s breathability or water-resistance. It’s like the shoe version of that friend who never overcommits but is always there when you need them—reliable but never boring.

In essence, Natives Shoes are the chameleons of the footwear world. They’re great as casual style shoes for running errands or grabbing coffee, but they’re also ready to transform into beach wear at a moment’s notice.

They’re kind of like the avocado toast of shoes; they fit into various settings and can be as plain or as dressed up as you like.

So, whether you’re a busy parent needing kids’ footwear that doesn’t look like it was designed by a crayon-happy toddler, or you’re the eco-conscious millennial looking for eco-friendly options, these shoes got you covered.

Reasons Why You Might Look For Shoes Like Natives

Reasons Why You Might Look For Shoes Like Natives

So you’re on the hunt for Shoes Like Natives, eh? There are a ton of reasons you might be venturing out from the original brand. Let’s talk about why you might be scouting for some lookalikes or feel-alikes—whatever you wanna call ’em.

Budget-Friendly Picks

Look, Natives are awesome, but sometimes the price tag can make you do a double-take. There’s a whole universe of affordable options that don’t require you to remortgage your house. Yep, you can have that casual style without casually emptying your bank account.

More Choices, Less FOMO

Natives are popular, which means they sometimes run out of the popular sizes or colors. And let’s face it, not finding your size feels like being picked last for dodgeball—no one wants that.

A broader selection of brands means you’re more likely to find something that fits your foot and your aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly Vibes

Don’t get me wrong, Natives are decent on the eco-front. But if you’re someone who counts their carbon footprint like calories, you might want a brand that’s a total eco-warrior. Some alternatives really go all out with eco-friendly and vegan materials, making Mother Earth do a happy dance.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Hey, maybe you’re a shoe connoisseur, or you just love playing the field. More brands mean more styles. You can find alternatives with a similar hole design or padded sole, but maybe with an extra zing or flair that Natives don’t offer.

Material Matters

Some folks have specific material preferences or allergies. If you’re looking for a pair made of wool, recycled plastics, or even hemp (yes, hemp shoes are a thing), broadening your search can be super rewarding.

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved

Got kids? Then you know that children treat shoes like they’re in a demolition derby. You might want kids’ footwear that’s not only durable but also won’t have you wincing at the price every time they outgrow them or decide to test if their shoes can fly.

So, whether it’s about saving a few bucks, more options, or just your love for all things shoes, looking for Shoes Like Natives is like going to a buffet—there’s something for everyone. Now, go find that perfect pair that’ll make your feet sing!