Best Brands For Womens Steel Toe Boots (Women’s Steel Toe Boots Buying Guide)

Women’s Steel Toe Boots

Many women feel that they have to sacrifice style in order to get the protection they need to keep themselves safe in their work environment. Women’s steel toe boots can provide you with a fashionable look while still delivering the protection you need.

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When it comes to selecting the perfect work boots, comfort is one of the main things to consider. The ideal work boot will offer you protection from workplace hazards, support your feet and ankles, fit well and feel good from the moment you first wear them until you take them off at the end of your shift.

No matter how good a pair of steel toe boots may LOOK, if they are not comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, then they won’t do you much good. If a boot style does not feel good when trying it on in the store, it’s probably not going to feel any better after wearing it for an hour or two on the job.

10 Things To Look For When Buying Women’s Steel Toe Boots

The most important thing to look at when buying safety footwear is the type of protection they offer. The outside of women’s steel toe boots offers protection against any sudden impact or compression injury and inside the boot offers protection against electrical hazards and punctures from sharp objects such as nails, wires, and broken glass.

So how do you narrow down all of your choices to find that perfect pair? Here are 10 things to consider when shopping for women’s steel toe boots:

1. Size and Width

If you are planning to wear heavy socks with your steel toe boots, buy a pair that is half a size larger than your normal shoe size. Also, ensure that your safety footwear is wide enough to accommodate the thickness of your socks. In case you need to buy men’s or women’s steel toe boots for work or recreational activities, visit websites like Rocky Boots.

2. Steel Toe Cap

The ASTM standard requires a steel toe cap to be able to withstand a force of 75 pounds dropped from a height of 18 inches. This is the minimum requirement for any steel toe cap in the US. Depending on the job, you may need even higher levels of protection for your feet.

3. Slip Resistance

Workers who spend time on slippery floors are at risk of serious foot injuries if they slip and fall down hard surfaces. A slip-resistant outsole is one of the most important safety features that must be present in all work boots.

4. Puncture Resistance

Puncture-resistant footwear protects against punctures by sharp objects like nails, broken glass, or metal shards on construction sites, in factories, or anywhere else where there are such risks involved.

5. Water Resistance

Deepwater penetration can cause skin irritation and infection. Unfortunately, many women’s steel toe boots are not as water-resistant as they should be, which is why it’s important to check out the lining of the shoe and its ability to keep your feet dry.

6. Fit

Finding the right fit is crucial when it comes to your feet. You need to keep them well supported and protected from injury. If you have wider feet than usual, you may opt for women’s steel-toe boots with a wider toe box. This will allow for extra space to prevent any discomfort when walking. Extra cushioning in the footbed can also help to provide better support, especially if you walk around a lot during the day (which is likely if you work in construction or use these types of boots for work).

7. Oil Resistance

Similar to water resistance, oil resistance coats the exterior of the shoe to prevent grease and oil from penetrating it and harming the skin or causing discomfort. If you work in an environment where there are plenty of chemicals that could potentially damage your shoes, then this is a feature you should consider when shopping for a pair of women’s steel toe boots.

8. Electrical Hazard Protection

Electric hazard protection keeps electricity from traveling through the boot and injuring your foot. This feature is essential for those who work with electricity, such as electricians, linemen, and more.

9. Type Of Toe Protection

Some footwear is made with composite toe protection instead of steel. Composite toe caps are made of carbon fiber, plastic, or Kevlar. The key advantage of composite toe boots is that they are not magnetic and may be a better choice if you work in an environment where your feet could be exposed to live electricity.

10. Sole

The sole of the boot needs to be made of a durable material that resists abrasion and oil as well as provides slip-resistance and anti-fatigue features. A lugged sole provides maximum traction on uneven surfaces and in slippery conditions.

11. Shaft Height

Measured from the arch, a 6-inch shaft will provide stability for lateral movements and the added ankle support needed for heavy lifting or uneven terrain. If you need extra protection against puncture wounds caused by sharp objects, a shaft height of 8 inches is recommended.

Many women prefer to wear hiking boots because they have a lower shaft height and are easier to slip on and off when compared to traditional steel toe boots which often have a high shaft height that can be difficult for women to pull over their ankles or calves.

12. Durability

The material of the boots must be durable enough to withstand the rigors of your work environment, whether that’s an office, construction site, or factory. Leather is often good material for work boots because it’s strong, waterproof, and comfortable. However, some leather boots are not made for wet conditions because the water can cause them to shrink or harden. Cotton canvas is another popular material that’s lightweight, breathable, and affordable but can’t handle heavy-duty use very well.

Best Brands For Women’s Steel Toe Boots

Finding the right pair of women’s steel toe boots can be a real pain. The industry is driven by men, and it shows. So many styles are designed with male feet in mind, and that leaves you with a limited selection of poorly-fitting boots.

The good news is that there are a number of brands who do consider female workers when designing their safety footwear. Below I’ll highlight the best brands for women’s steel toe boots, so you can find what you’re looking for without having to put on a pair of men’s boots and see how they fit.

Let’s take a look at some of the best brands available for Women’s steel toe boots…

Timberlands Women’s Steel Toe Boots

If you are looking for a pair of steel-toe boots that are not only functional but also fashionable, you should consider Timberlands (Available at Amazon). They have a line of steel toe boots for women that are both functional and can be worn with your everyday clothes. If you are like most women, style matters, even when it comes to your safety footwear.


Timberland PRO Women's Direct Attach 6 Inch Steel Safety Toe Insulated Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Wheat Nubuck, 8.5


Here are seven reasons why Timberlands Women’s Steel Toe Boots A Good:

1. They Are For Both Work And Play

Timberland makes steel-toe shoes for men and women that can be worn on the job as well as off the job. You will be able to find a pair of work boots that look good at the office and match your favorite jeans when you head out with friends on the weekend. These shoes were designed to protect your feet while still looking good.

2. They Come In Many Different Colors

There are many different colors that you can choose from when it comes to these shoes. Whether you pick them up in black, white, or red, they will look great! This is perfect if you want a pair of shoes that go with everything in your closet but still keep your feet protected.

3 – They’re comfortable

Timberland is known for producing high-quality footwear that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy-duty work at the same time keeping your feet protected from harm and injury. That comfort is only made better with their women’s collection by using better outfit designs, colors, and textures for the sole and outer part of the footwear which is why many women love wearing these boots not only at work but also when going out on a date or hanging out with friends in town.

4. Very Tough & Durable

They are made of full-grain leather which means that they are very tough and durable and provide protection from environmental hazards such as water, oils, heat, and chemicals. This makes them ideal for work conditions where there is a risk of these elements.


Timberland Pro Women's Titan 6" Waterproof Safety Toe Boot,Brown,6.5 M


5. The Boots Are Steel Toe

The boots have a steel toe which makes them suitable for people who work in heavy industries or construction sites where there is a risk of dropping large objects on their feet or getting stepped on by heavy machinery or equipment. There is also an electrical hazard rating which means that they can protect you in case of an electrical shock.

6. They offer protection

They use steel to protect the toes from various dangers. Construction accidents or tools that fall off machinery can cause injury. They are also useful for people who work in warehouses or on-site because the burden is protected from heavy objects that may fall from above.

It is important that your feet are protected from these injuries, as they can lead to permanent damage and affect your ability to work in the future.

7. They provide convenience

In addition to protecting the toes, these shoes also offer comfort. They don’t just make you feel comfortable most of the time; They also help you get a better grip on almost any surface and make walking easier. This makes it easier for you to complete your daily tasks at work. There is no way you will slip and fall when wearing this boot.

Dr Martens Womens Steel Toe Boots

When it comes to footwear, there are many variations that you may consider. However, if you are looking for a shoe that will last and provide protection to your feet, then you should consider Dr Martens Womens Steel Toe Boots (Available at Amazon).

These shoes are considered one of the best when it comes to durability and price. There are so many reasons why these boots have gained so much popularity over the years.


Dr. Martens Women's Rometty Fashion Boot, Black, 5


Here are ten reasons why Dr Martens Women’s Steel Toe Boots A Good:

1. Padded Collar And Footbed

The steel toe boot features a padded collar and footbed that makes it ideal for protecting the feet of workers in harsh environments. The padded collar offers additional protection to the ankle, while the cushioned footbed absorbs shock, which ensures long-lasting comfort. In fact, many people have credited these boots for saving their feet from damage by heavy objects.

2. Polyurethane Sole

The outsole of these boots is made using polyurethane that is sturdy yet flexible. Polyurethane is highly resistant to oil and fat, making it a great choice for industrial use. Moreover, this material is also resistant to abrasion and corrosive chemicals, which are commonly present in industrial environments.

3. Goodyear Welt Construction

Goodyear welt construction lends extra durability to the Dr Martens steel toe boot. The welt stitching around the sole provides excellent grip and stability on various terrains so you can use them safely in different situations. The durability of these footwear makes them a popular choice among workers who need tough yet reliable shoes for their job.

Dr. Martens, Women's Gilbreth Steel Toe Light Industry Boots, Brown, 5 US


4. Steel Toe Cap

As the name suggests, this boot features a steel toe cap that ensures maximum protection against heavy falling objects or any impact on the toes. It meets ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 standards, which means it provides protection against 75 pounds of impact and compression.

5. Oil Resistant

Dr Martens Womens Steel Toe Boots are oil-resistant with maximum puncture resistance thanks to the outsole that is made with a mixture of nitrile rubber material. This feature makes it a perfect work boot for tough industrial environments like a construction site.

6. Versatile

One of the most notable benefits of Dr Martens Womens Steel Toe Boots is their versatility. These boots are suitable for both work and casual wear. You can use them at work, when you go out with friends, or even in school! They come in several designs and styles that allow you to match them with your outfit or occasion. If you want to look stylish while having fun or working, these boots would make a great choice!

7. Slip Resistant

Dr Martens steel toe boots are designed to maximize friction between the soles and uneven surfaces. This is a must-have feature for every pair of industrial safety boots. The slip resistance of these boots is enhanced by the AirWair sole that has been made using special polymers.

The sole of these boots also features grooves that provide users with additional traction on slippery floors. These grooves can be further enhanced by sharpening them using a knife or a file.


Dr. Martens, Women's Maple Zip Steel Toe Light Industry Boots, Teak, 7 M US


8. Comfortable

Dr Martens steel toe boots feature an air cushioned sole that’s made using special polymers. This has the effect of absorbing shock when walking or kicking, reducing strain on your feet and legs. These materials also ensure that air circulates around your feet when wearing these boots, keeping them dry and odorless even after a long day at work.

9. Breathable

The inner lining of these boots is made using cotton which is breathable, allowing more air to circulate inside these boots, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The insole of these boots is made from thick foam padding which ensures that your feet remain comfortable all day long. The padded collar keeps water out while ensuring maximum comfort

10. Durable Work Boots

The durability of Dr. Martens footwear is well known and these boots also feature Dr. Martens’ classic welted construction, which makes them resistant to water and scuffs and ensures they will last a long time. The uppers are made from full grain leather that has been finished with a protective coating but can still be easily cleaned when necessary.

Carhartt Womens Steel Toe Boots

Working in the construction industry, you need to have the most appropriate and reliable footwear. There are many brands of boots to choose from, but Carhartt is one of the best known for quality, comfort and maximum protection. Carhartt boots (Available at Amazon) are often used by professionals as well as people who just enjoy the outdoors.

Carhartt is known for rugged, durable shoes that are designed to stand up to a tough work day. With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that Carhartt makes some of the best steel toe footwear for women on the planet.


Carhartt Women's Rugged Flex 6" Comp Toe Work Boot Ankle, Brown, 8


Here are five reasons why Carhartt womens steel toe boots are good:

1. They’re Made From Good Materials

The upper portion of these boots is made from leather or suede leather. The outsole is made from rubber or synthetic material like Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). The midsole is usually made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EV) or a similar material. The outsole tread pattern varies with some designed for maximum traction on wet surfaces while others offer more stability on dry surfaces.

2. They’re Waterproof

Waterproofing means that they can be worn in wet environments and not leak. This protects your feet against a number of hazardous elements including water, snow and mud. It also helps to keep you warm during high-risk activities like fighting fires and construction work such as plumbing and sewerage repair.

3. They Are Comfortable

Carhartt makes boots with comfort in mind. This is important because people who have to spend long hours on their feet need comfortable shoes and boots to help them get through the day without pain or fatigue.

4. Protection

Carhartt Womens Steel Toe Boots are made to provide protection to the feet of women. Also, they offer protection to the toe. The boots are made from leather and also rubber so that they can withstand all kinds of conditions. The thick sole enables them to be water resistant as well. So, if you work in a place where your feet get wet, then these boots are perfect for you.

5. Durable

The Carhartt Womens Steel Toe Boots are known for their durability and high quality materials used in them. If you work in a place where there are hazardous materials lying around and there is a possibility that any heavy object may fall on your feet, then these boots will make sure that your feet do not get hurt or injured.

Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots

Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots (Available at Amazon) are a great choice for women who work in environments where there is a risk from damage to their feet. These steel toe boots are made from durable materials and have great features which protect the feet of the wearer from injury. These boots are also ideal for those working outdoors in cold weather conditions as they have excellent insulation.

With so many different types of safety boots available to choose from, you might be wondering what makes Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots so popular with female workers.


Under Armour Women's Valsetz RTS 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11


Here are eight reasons why these boots are good:

1. They are designed specifically for women

Most steel toe boots are designed without considering the needs of female wearers and this can cause problems when it comes to wearing them comfortably at work. Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots are specifically designed with women’s feet in mind and this means they fit more comfortably and look more attractive than most other types of safety boots.

2. They are lightweight

Under Armour steel toe boots weigh less than most other types of safety footwear so it is much easier to walk around in them all day, which can prevent backache and other health problems that can be caused by wearing heavy footwear. These boots also have thicker insoles to help reduce the levels of pressure on the feet and ankles when walking around in them, which makes them even more comfortable to wear at work.

3. They have waterproof membranes

The waterproof membranes built into these boots ensure that your feet stay dry no matter what the weather conditions are like or what kind of liquids you come into contact with at work (such as oil or chemicals). Having dry feet all day long ensures that you won’t end up with painful blisters or fungal infections either, which can cause a lot of discomfort.

4. They provide the ultimate in comfort and support

The design of these boots provides the ultimate in comfort and support for the wearer. This is very important, especially when you are working on your feet all day long, as it helps to reduce fatigue and prevent pain in the feet, ankles, legs and back. That is why many people who wear these boots refuse to wear anything else.


Under Armour Women's Micro G Valsetz Lthr Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote (200)/Coyote, 9 M US


5. They help to keep your feet cool and dry

When you are working hard, your feet can get hot and sweaty inside your shoes or boots. This causes discomfort and can also increase your chances of developing foot conditions such as athlete’s foot or tinea pedis. Under Armour Women’s Steel Toe Boots have a moisture wicking lining that draws perspiration away from your feet so they stay cool, dry and comfortable all day long.

6. They meet all safety requirements

The steel toe cap is not the only feature that matters when it comes to a pair of safety boots. Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots meet all the required criteria, including having a slip resistant sole, an anti-static footbed, shock absorption and a heat resistant outsole.

7. They have special shock absorbing soles

Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots have special rubber soles that absorb shocks when walking on hard surfaces like concrete floors, making them much less tiring to wear over a long period of time. This makes them ideal for anyone who works long shifts or who has to spend a lot of time on their feet at work.

8. They can be cleaned easily

A build up of dirt and grime on your boots can make them lose their protective qualities because it is easier for dangerous substances to penetrate the material. The good news is that Under Armour Womens Steel Toe Boots are very easy to clean because their uppers have a smooth surface that doesn’t absorb dirt or grime so it can be wiped off quickly and easily using a damp cloth.

Skechers Womens Steel Toe Boots

Skechers womens steel toe boots (Available at Amazon) are good for a lot of reasons. They are comfortable and safe and durable. Skechers womens steel toe boots are designed to meet or exceed OSHA standards and ASTM F2413.

They have memory foam insoles that cushion the foot, a shock-absorbing midsole, rubber outsoles that provide traction on slippery and uneven surfaces, and an Electrical Hazard rating.


Skechers for Work Women's Workshire Peril Boot, Dark Brown, 7.5 M US


Here are 5 reasons why Skechers womens steel toe boots are good:

1. They’re Comfortable

Skechers womens steel toe boots have memory foam insoles that cushion the foot, a shock-absorbing midsole, and rubber outsoles that provide traction on slippery and uneven surfaces. They also have padded collars and tongues that help keep dirt out of the interior of the boot. Lace-up cinches allow you to get a snug fit around your ankle so you can comfortably move around in them all day long.

2. Good Traction

They have an outsole that has a good grip on the floor to avoid slipping while walking or working. They provide traction on both wet and dry floors so that accidents can be avoided at all times.

3. Great Protection

The steel toes give protection against heavy falling objects such as nails, bricks, wood, etc. It prevents any injury from occurring to your feet so that you can continue working without worrying

4. They have stain-resistant leather.

Skechers uses leather that repels stains, making your footwear look better for longer.


Skechers Women's Energy-Cool Rider-Suede Overlay Wavy Lace-Up Boot Chukka, Black/Black, 7.5 M US


5. They’re lightweight.

Even with the steel toe protection, these boots don’t feel heavy on your feet at all. This is because they’re crafted from some of the lightest materials in the industry. The design also helps distribute weight evenly so you can stay on your feet longer without getting tired.

6. They have shock-absorbing soles.

Your feet deserve some pampering, too! With these boots’ shock-absorbing soles, the impact of each step is absorbed so you won’t feel it anymore after a while.

7. They provide extra ankle support

Skechers Women’s Steel Toe Boots have an internal steel shank which provides firm support for your ankles. This reduces the risk of injury as well as providing comfort and protection against any knocks or bumps to your ankles while working.


In summary, whether you are looking for safety boots for industrial use or simply need a pair for gardening, there are many benefits to purchasing women’s steel toe boots. These boots offer strong and durable toe protection, which is essential when working in an industry where there is a lot of heavy equipment present, such as construction or farming.

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