10 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Cuddles Your Shoes

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Why Does My Dog Cuddle My Shoes?

One of the most baffling dog behaviors is when they cuddle your shoes. You may find them playing with them. chewing them. licking them. and even cuddling with them as if they are their favorite stuffed toy.

10 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Cuddles Your Shoes

There are numerous reasons why dogs cuddle shoes and it may be a bit hard to figure out why your dog may be doing it. In this article. we will look at 10 possible reasons why your dog cuddles your shoes.

Dogs are so sensitive to the smell of their owners that they can be given a sock or T-shirt with your scent on it and feel like you’re with them. even if you’re not.

In fact. dogs are far more sensitive to smell than humans. and this is one of the reasons why it is so important for them to smell as many things as possible when you go out on a walk. They want to understand what this plant smells like. or which dog has passed by here recently.

Let’s look at the reasons why your dog cuddles your shoes.

 1: Comfort

Your dog may just be looking for comfort when they cuddle your shoes. Some dogs do not like sleeping alone. especially if you live in a big house or have moved in into a new home recently. They may just be looking for something that reminds them of you.

Puppies or younger dogs are most likely to want something to cuddle as they miss their littermates or mom.

Shoes may remind your dog of you as they have your scent on them and this can make them feel safe and secured. You can get toys that smell like you and give them to your dog for comfort when you are not around. They will even take it with them wherever they go.

Your dog might find comfort in smelly shoes because they give him something of yours to play with and chew on without causing any harm to you or itself in any way.

2: Your Shoes Are Familiar Objects

If your dog doesn’t usually get to spend the day with you. they could be trying to compensate for their separation anxiety by seeking out familiar objects when they’re home alone. Your shoes are one of the most familiar things in the house. so they may have become important objects for them!

To try and distract them from this behavior. consider leaving something like a Kong toy or a scrap of cloth with your scent on it in a place where they like to nap while you’re gone. This can help curb their separation anxiety and reduce their urge to seek comfort in their things.

You’ll also want to make sure that they’re getting enough exercise during the day if possible. If all else fails. talk to a professional trainer — they can help determine if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and how best to treat it!

3: Your Dog Is Looking for Attention

Dogs crave our attention and affection. If your dog brings you his or her toys. it’s because they want to spend time with you. The same can be true if your dog brings you shoes: They want to spend time with you!

Dogs are social creatures and want to be part of your pack. They love having your attention. and they show you their affection in various ways. If your dog picks up your favorite shoes or socks. it may be because he wants you to play with him. It’s also possible that he is hungry or needs to go out.

4: Your Dog Might Be Protecting Your Shoes

They Are Protecting Them From Danger – If your dog has a strong territorial instinct. then it’s likely that they will try to protect your shoes from anything that could possibly harm them. They could be cuddling your shoes. hiding them out of sight. and even carrying them around the house just to make sure that nothing bad happens to them!

Dogs have a tendency to protect their owners. even when they are not around. by picking things that smell like them and keeping them safe for them until they return home again after a long day at work or school or wherever else they may go throughout the day.

5: Nesting

Dogs love to nest. and if they find something familiar. they will automatically make it their home. It might have made your shoes its home and just loves to cuddle them! This is more so in the case of puppies who aren’t familiar with their surroundings yet.

6: Your Dog Might Be Cold

If it’s cold outside and your dog is feeling a little chilly. cuddling up next to your warm leather boots can be a great way to stay warm. This is especially true if you’ve been wearing them recently because then they’ll still retain some residual heat from your body!

If you wear socks all day. your shoes will likely carry your body heat for a little while after you take them off. This makes them extremely appealing to dogs that love warmth!

7: They Enjoy Playing With Objects

The simple act of running around with an object in their mouth might just be fun for dogs. They like playing with toys. and you might not keep too many toys around the house. especially if you have young children who could easily choke on them.


It might be feeling bored and lonely in your absence. and the shoes are a reminder of you. It could also just be looking for something to do. and the crinkly texture of the shoe makes a great toy. If this is the case. make sure that your pooch has plenty of activities available to it while you’re out of the house.

8: They Want To Share Their Hunting Success

If your dog has caught a mouse or some other small animal that they were able to fit into your shoe. they may want to share their success with you. This may also explain why they’re drawn to used shoes that still have a human scent inside.

9: Your Dog Is Trying To Claim You As Their Own

In some cases. dogs may be trying to showcase their affection for you when they cuddle your shoes. This behavior is usually seen in dominant puppies who are trying to show their authority by claiming ownership of you.

10: Territory Marking

Dogs secrete pheromones from glands located between their toes and paws. Your pet might be guarding its spot in the house by sitting on or next to your shoes. This is common with dogs who feel they need to protect their space from other pets or potential intruders. This behavior can get quite aggressive if left unchecked. so speak with a certified trainer if it’s becoming a problem.

In summary. Dogs are strange animals. in the best possible way of course. From chasing their own tails to licking your face. dogs do many things that don’t make sense to us. One such behavior is cuddling with your shoes.

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