What Trousers to Wear with Doc Martens? 10 Trousers That Look Good

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Doc Martens can be worn with various trouser styles such as skinny jeans, straight-leg pants, cuffed jeans, wide-leg pants, and even tailored trousers. These combinations create diverse looks ranging from edgy and casual to smart and refined.

What Trousers to Wear with Doc Martens?

Doc Martens have become a popular choice for people who want to wear fashionable clothing. There are several different styles of this boot available for men and women.

There are many different colors that can be worn with Doc Martens. The colors range from light brown to black and even white and red. The colors can be combined with other colors or worn alone without any other colors at all.

The most common color is black because it is a very neutral color that can go well with almost anything. A black pair of Doc Martens would look good with jeans. slacks. skirts. and even formal wear such as suits or dresses. Black is also one of the most versatile colors that can easily be worn with almost any kind of clothing item.

The choice of colors when wearing Docs depends largely on personal preference and style preference. Many people like to wear them in their favorite dark colors. while others prefer lighter colors such as white or brown.

Trouser options that can pair well with Doc Martens:

Trouser TypeDescription
Skinny jeansA classic option that looks great with Doc Martens. Make sure they’re long enough to tuck into the boots or cuff them above the ankle to show off the boots.
Wide-leg trousersA trendy option that can add some volume and balance out the chunky look of the boots. Tuck in a fitted top to show off your waist.
Cargo pantsA practical and casual option that can create a cool, urban vibe when paired with Doc Martens. Opt for a slim or tapered fit for a more polished look.
Corduroy pantsA cozy and retro option that pairs well with the vintage feel of Doc Martens. Try them in a fun color like mustard or forest green.
Straight-leg jeansA versatile option that can work well for a variety of styles. Pair them with a graphic tee or oversized sweater for a laid-back look.
Cropped or culotte trousersA fashion-forward option that can add some edge to your look. Choose a pair with a high waist and wide leg for a flattering fit.

When it comes to pairing Doc Martens with trousers, there are plenty of options depending on the occasion and your personal style. Skinny jeans are a classic and reliable choice, while wide-leg trousers can add some trendiness to your look.

Cargo pants can create a cool, urban vibe, while corduroy pants can add a cozy retro touch. Straight-leg jeans are versatile and can be dressed up or down, while cropped or culotte trousers can add some edge to your outfit.

10 Trousers That Look Good With Doc Martens

There are certain shoes that can really make or break an outfit. Your shoes are the first thing people notice. and they give a huge hint to your personal style – so it’s important to get it right!

Doc Martens come in all shapes and sizes. from traditional lace-up boots to Mary Janes and even brogues. They’re a versatile footwear option that can be styled in many different ways.

They work particularly well with denim. as well as skinny trousers – but you can also get away with wearing them with loose-fitting trousers and shorts if you’re feeling brave.

1. Jeans

An obvious choice. they look great and they’re a great way to dress up casual Doc Martens. Doc Martens were originally made for the British working class and jeans were a regular choice. As such. jeans are an obvious choice when you are looking for a pair of trousers to wear with your Doc Martens. You can’t go wrong with jeans and they go perfectly with your boots.

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  • Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans are a classic choice with Doc Martens and we have all seen people wearing them together. They offer a really simple. timeless look that is suitable for both men and women. They come in many different colors so choose one that suits your style and personality.
  • Straight Jeans – Straight jeans are another classic choice if you want a classic look. They offer a more relaxed fit than skinny jeans so they can be a good option if you don’t like tight-fitting clothes or if you prefer something looser around your knees. These also come in many different colors so pick something that suits you best!
  • Raw Denim – If you’re looking for something more rugged. perhaps for a festival. then raw denim would be a good choice. The contrast between the indigo and the black leather makes for an eye-catching combination.
  • Slim Fit Jeans – Slim fit jeans are not quite as tight as skinny jeans and work particularly well if you have bigger calves or ankles as they have more room in them. They still create that nice long line and look great in black. blue. or grey.
  • Ripped Jeans – Ripped jeans are also very popular at the moment and they look amazing with a pair of Docs. especially if they are blue or black. The ripped style is a bit edgier than regular skinny jeans and they tend to be more comfortable too. which is always nice!
  • Baggy Jeans – Baggy jeans can look really cool with a pair of Docs because they give you an effortless style without looking like you’ve tried too hard. These are also great for summer.
  • Straight-Cut Denim Jeans – Straight-cut jeans tend to work best as they take on more of the shape of your shoes. whereas baggy jeans tend to make your feet appear smaller. If you want your feet to stand out then straight-cut jeans are definitely the way to go.

2. Chino Trousers

A classic choice. chinos have been around for years and have remained popular ever since. They come in a wide range of colors so there are plenty of choices and they look really sharp with your Doc Martens.

Chinos are smart enough to wear for most occasions. but when combined with a pair of Doc Martens they can be dressed down well enough for casual events too.

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  • Tapered Chinos – A smarter alternative to jeans would be chinos. which are still casual but have a little more style about them than denim. Tapered fit chinos are available in a wide range of muted colors. including dark green and navy blue — both great choices with Docs and other boots like them.
  • They Look Great Together – It’s a pretty simple place to start. but the combination of chino trousers and Dr. Martens boots are a classic menswear pairing that just works. It might be the rebellious nature of both garments or the fact they are both timeless pieces but it’s a look that will never go out of style.
  • They Are Comfortable & Practical – Both chinos and Dr. Martens were originally designed with function in mind. however. over time they have become fashion staples as well as practical pieces for everyday life. Chinos were first made for military use and Dr. Martens were made for factory workers who needed comfortable footwear that could protect their feet.
  • Tough and rugged style – The first reason why chinos look great when paired with Dr. Martens is because of the tough and rugged style that these boots provide. The combination of a pair of tough boots and sleek sophisticated pants creates a combination that is both stylish and masculine.
  • Casual yet classy – Chinos are known for being able to be dressed up or down easily depending on the occasion. With a pair of Dr. Martens. you can give your outfit a more casual feel that looks great whether you’re going out for a night on the town or just hanging out with your mates for some drinks at the pub.

3. Corduroy Trousers

If you want something a bit different than jeans or chinos then why not try corduroy trousers? Corduroy trousers look good with most types of shoes and they’re especially good with your Docs because they have that vintage feel.

Corduroy has always been a popular fabric and it makes great trousers that look good with a pair of Doc Martens. They are another classic choice that will never go out of fashion.

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  • They’re both casual classics – Doc Martens boots have been worn by farmers. soldiers. postal workers. and punks since they were first made in 1960. It was only after the brand was revived in the 1980s that it became a fashion item. Corduroy trousers have a longer history — they were popular with students in the Victorian era — but their image as a casual piece has stuck to this day.
  • They make a statement – Doc Martens are bold. sturdy shoes that make an impact when you walk into a room or down the street. Corduroy trousers have an equally thick pile that adds texture to your outfit. Wearing them together creates a look with both substance and style. It says “I care about my clothes” without being too preppy or formal.’
  • They’re comfortable – Corduroy pants are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can buy. You’ll have no problem wearing these pants all day long. You can even get away with wearing them to work!
  • They’re durable – Corduroy is a relatively durable fabric. which means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your pants unless you snag them on something sharp or pointy. With their thick sole and tough leather upper. Doc Martens are the perfect companion for corduroy pants because they won’t wear away the fabric either.
  • They’re both inspired by music – Corduroy trousers are a signifier of the 1960s mod scene. while Doc Martens are beloved by all sorts of musical subcultures from punks to grunge kids.

4. Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers have pockets everywhere and they look very cool. If you want to be on-trend then these are the ones for you as they are currently making a comeback after many years in the wilderness. These trousers work especially well with black Doc Martens as they are casual but still smart enough to wear anywhere.

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  • They’re both durable – Doc Martens and cargo trousers are made to last. Docs’ signature air-cushioned soles can usually survive years of hard wear before they start to look scuffed. while cargo trousers’ tough fabrics make them perfect for rough environments like construction sites or wooded trails. With proper care. both garments will last far longer than most other items in your closet – and if they ever do start to look old and worn. that’s part of their appeal!
  • You don’t need to accessorize yourself too much – This style doesn’t require too many accessories because they are already bold enough to stand out on their own. You can wear your cargo trousers with a simple white shirt or a black t-shirt and the look will still be awesome!
  • The two are extremely versatile – Cargo trousers and Doc Martens can both be worn for almost any occasion. from a trip to the mall to a night out with friends. They’re also a favorite among working professionals. who wear them to work or for job interviews. When styled properly. they can even be worn in more formal settings such as weddings and special occasions.
  • It’s an easy look to pull off – If you’ve tried dressing up before and failed. you have no reason to worry when wearing cargo trousers with Doc Martens. It’s one of the easiest fashion trends to follow because you don’t need to worry about mixing and matching colors or patterns. You also don’t need to worry about accessorizing too much as the attention will shift from your clothes to your shoes anyway.
  • Cargo pants are comfy – Cargo trousers are one of the comfiest clothing items around because they usually have pockets big enough for everything you need while on the move. If taking bags with you isn’t really your thing. cargo trousers will be your best friend as they can fit most of your essentials without making it obvious that you’re carrying anything at all.

5. How to Wear Dr Martens With a Suit

You can wear Dr Martens with a suit by keeping the look casual and playing down the formality of your attire. For example. opting for a modern slim fit suit in grey or navy and pairing it with trainers like Dr Martens will create stylish contrast.

Alternatively. you could opt for brown brogues instead of black Oxfords. which again will give your look a fresh feel.

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  • The classic look – You can’t go wrong with a classic look. A suit combined with Dr. Martens is a winning combination no matter what! Whether you’re wearing a formal suit or a casual one. it will always work. All you have to do is choose the right boots to rock your outfit and make sure that the colors match.
  • There are different types of Dr. Martens – Dr. Martens is one of those brands that has everything for everyone. You can literally find every kind of boots imaginable and this includes ones that would fit perfectly with a suit. If you want to wear your suit trousers with a pair of Dr. Martens. you will have plenty of options to choose from – making it easy for you to find the perfect pair for your outfit!
  • It’s an edgy look – Suit trousers are considered formal wear. but when paired with Dr. Martens. they become more edgy and casual at the same time – which is why this combination works so well! A formal look combined with an edgy touch will make any outfit interesting and stylish in its own way!
  • Versatility – The Doc Marten has more than earned its position in the pantheon of footwear. It’s a rugged. low-maintenance boot that brings a heavy dose of attitude to any look. whether you’re pairing them with a suit or jeans and a T-shirt.
  • Comfort – The Doc Marten is one of the most comfortable boots out there. The chunky rubber sole and leather upper are durable. as well as being soft enough to mold to your foot over time. This means that they’ll provide you with plenty of comforts. which is why they’re so popular among people in professions that require them to be on their feet all day.
  • Aesthetic Value – Doc Martens are tough. but they also have a certain aesthetic appeal. which makes them the perfect choice for adding some balance to your formal attire. They’re a great way to bring some edge to an all-black suit or something more colorful like navy or grey by adding a subtle splash of color with the soles and eyelets.

6. Smart Trousers

If you wanted to create a more formal look then consider wearing them with smart trousers or chinos. paired with a plain white shirt. and then add on top either a blazer or overcoat (depending on how cold it is outside). Finally. finish off by wearing a knitted tie plus pocket square – this will elevate the look without making it appear too formal.

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They’re a refreshing alternative to brogues

The shoe of choice for the smart-casual office worker. brogues have become something of an institution when it comes to pairing with work trousers. And that’s a good thing. They’re hard-wearing. comfortable. and versatile. But. like anything that you do over and over again. they can get a little dull.

So why not mix things up with a pair of Dr Martens? They may be best known as a casual option. but they’ve also got the sort of timeless style that makes them perfect for workwear. You don’t need to go all out with Oxblood 1460s either – the black leather Derby is a polished alternative that will look great with your three-piece suit and chinos alike.

7. Leggings

Leggings are perfect for winter as they keep your legs warm whilst still looking fashionable. They look great when worn with a dress or long top which is tucked into your boots. To complete the look add some grungy accessories such as a studded belt and chunky jewelry!

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  • Warmth – Leggings are form-fitting and thin. so they’re not going to provide much warmth on their own. Paired with some Doc Martens. though. they do a good job of keeping your legs warm while still looking stylish.
  • Comfort – When you combine the comfort of leggings with the comfort of Doc Martens. it’s hard to imagine anything more comfortable than that! The key to pulling off this look is finding the perfect pair of leggings for your body type and height
  • Affordability – Doc Martens can be surprisingly expensive. but leggings aren’t! You can get multiple pairs of fashionable leggings for less than what one pair of Doc Martens typically go for.
  • The boots’ masculine/feminine contrast is exaggerated even more – Doc Martens are already known for their ability to add an interesting contrast to feminine dresses and skirts. They’ve got a masculine vibe. with their thick soles and rugged leather exteriors — but they can still look good with those traditionally feminine things. Add leggings into the equation. and your Docs will stand out even more. The contrast between the hard-edged boots and soft-looking leggings will be even stronger.
  • They’re both eye-catching pieces of clothing – Doc Martens are such an iconic footwear choice that they’re bound to turn heads wherever you go — and so is a pair of leggings in a bright color or bold print. Wearing these two together will create an outfit that’s truly unforgettable.

8. Colors That Work With Doc Martens

Black Doc Martens go with just about any color of pants or jeans that you might want to wear. You can match them perfectly or go for a contrasting look without worrying too much about it. However. if you want to wear your brown Docs. they’ll look best with other earth tones — khaki. brown. and army green are all good choices.

9. A Darker Wash Looks Better

Like any other shoe. Docs tend to look better when paired with trousers that are darker in color than the shoes are. For classic black Docs. this means wearing pants that are either black themselves or at least very dark gray.

There is one exception to this rule: bleached jeans. Light blue jeans worn with black boots can create a stylish contrast. especially if you roll up the bottoms of your jeans to expose an inch or two of skin above the top of your boots. This works best if your jeans are slim or skinny fit; loose-fitting jeans aren’t recommended with Doc Martens.

10. Cropped Trousers

You could also try a pair of cropped trousers that hit above the ankle — this will help show off your beautiful Docs! Likewise. you could opt for a pair of tailored shorts that hit just above the knee.

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  • You can also wear a pair of wide-leg trousers with a high waist – This will make your legs look longer and leaner and help elongate your silhouette.
  • Cropped Trousers & Long Socks – If you’re looking for a way to add some flair to your outfit. a pair of cropped trousers are a great place to start. They show off your ankles and can make even the longest socks look great. And if you’re wearing Doc Martens. then you’ll have plenty of room for those knee-highs or tall socks you love so much! You can keep the rest of your outfit simple or dress it up with an overcoat or blazer depending on what kind of vibe you want to give off.
  • Patterned Pants – Doc Martens are versatile enough that they can be worn with almost any outfit. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd. try pairing them with patterned pants. Whether it’s plaid or stripes. these boots will give your ensemble that extra kick it needs.

In summary. Doc Martens were originally worn by postmen. policemen. and factory workers. which meant they had to be comfortable and durable. and that is why they have remained so popular. They can be worn with any outfit. so let your imagination run wild!

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