What to Wear with Black Booties (10 Ideas)

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Black booties are versatile and can be paired with skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts, or tailored trousers. Play with contrasting colors or opt for monochromatic outfits to create various looks, from casual and edgy to sophisticated and polished.

What to Wear with Black Booties

Black booties are one of the most versatile shoes you can have in your closet. They go with everything from jeans to dresses. and if you find a pair that works for your lifestyle (and fits well). you’ll be pulling them out again and again.

They’re versatile and add instant polish to any outfit. You can wear them with jeans. skirts. dresses. shorts and more! I love that they’re comfortable and go with everything. so there is no need to change shoes when you’re on the go.

Nothing says “fall” quite like a pair of black booties. They’re a wardrobe basic that you can wear for any occasion. whether you’re heading to work. going out with friends. or running errands on the weekends.

Some clothing items and accessories that can pair well with black booties:

Skinny jeansA classic option that looks great with black booties. Tuck them into the boots or cuff them above the ankle to show off the booties.
LeggingsA comfortable and versatile option that can work well with black booties. Pair with a tunic top or oversized sweater for a cozy look.
Midi skirtA feminine option that can add some flow and movement to your outfit. Choose a skirt that hits just below the knee and pair with a fitted top.
Leather jacketA timeless and edgy option that can elevate any outfit with black booties. Pair with skinny jeans and a graphic tee for a cool, casual look.
Oversized sweaterA cozy and relaxed option that can pair well with black booties. Choose a sweater that hits at the hip and pair with leggings or skinny jeans.
Printed scarfA fun and stylish accessory that can add some color and texture to your outfit. Pair with a solid-colored top and skinny jeans for a balanced look.
Turtleneck sweaterA sleek and sophisticated option that pairs well with black booties. Choose a fitted sweater and pair with straight-leg pants or a midi skirt.
Denim jacketA casual and versatile option that can pair well with black booties. Choose a fitted or oversized jacket and pair with skinny jeans or leggings.

When it comes to pairing black booties with clothing and accessories, the options are endless. Skinny jeans are a classic and reliable choice, while leggings can provide comfort and versatility. A midi skirt can add some femininity, while a leather jacket can add some edge.

An oversized sweater can create a cozy look, while a printed scarf can add some fun. A turtleneck sweater can create a sleek and sophisticated look, while a denim jacket can add a casual touch.

If you have some cute booties and aren’t sure what to wear with them. here are some tips for getting the most out of your stylish shoes:

10 Things To Wear With Black Booties

Black booties (Available at Amazon) are essentially neutral so it’s easy to pair them with just about anything. They can be worn with dresses. skirts. and pants. You’re going to want to choose the style of black bootie based on the occasion and what you are wearing.

Here are 10 things to wear with black booties.

1. Black Booties + Leggings

A classic combination that can’t fail you is a pair of black booties and leggings. The easiest way to wear them is with a long sweater. but if you want something different. you can try on a tunic top or slightly oversized sweatshirt.

Black Booties + Tights – Another way to wear black booties is to pair them with tights for a look that works well for chilly weather. You can wear black tights. patterned tights. or even fishnet tights if you want to try something different!

Black Booties + Sheer Patterned Tights – Wearing sheer patterned tights with black booties is a fun way to spice up your outfit! Try pairing black booties with a pair of sheer tights that have polka dots or stripes to add interest to your outfit without it being too over the top. You can wear this lookout at night or even during the day if you aren’t afraid of making a statement!

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2. Black Booties + Skirts

There are lots of cool skirt designs to try on this year. starting from mini. pencil. and A-line skirts to midi and maxi skirts in various colors and prints. You can either keep things simple by choosing a black skirt and matching it with your black booties or spice things up by adding some color with a red or blue skirt. for example.

Black Booties + A Pencil Skirt – The pencil skirt is an office essential and can be worn in numerous ways. For example. pair it with black booties to add a bit of edge to your ensemble.

For a more feminine look pair your black skirts with a lace top and some tights underneath. You can even add some fun jewelry like this cute choker necklace or go more simple and wear a pair of hoop earrings instead. This outfit is perfect for date night or if you’re just going out with friends on the weekend!

Black Booties + Jean Skirt – Jean skirts are extremely versatile and pairing them with black booties will make it look even cuter! You can easily dress it up for work or church by adding some jewelry or dress it down by leaving off the jewelry and wearing a graphic tee instead.

3. Black Booties + Dresses

Matching your black booties with dresses is another great way to wear them this season. There are so many dress styles out there that you will definitely find something that works for you and your personal style!

There is something about dresses and boots that are just so effortless and feminine. This is probably one of my favorite looks when wearing black booties because there is just something so chic about it! Try pairing them with tights for the winter months. or bare legs for the warmer seasons!

Black Booties + Plaid Shirt Dress  – The plaid shirt dress is a wardrobe staple because it’s so versatile! It’s one of the best dresses to wear with black booties because it has pockets and looks so cute tucked in with a belt. I’m sure we all own at least one plaid shirt dress. right? So let’s put it to good use by styling it with some boots!

Black Booties + a T-Shirt Dress – This is my go-to outfit! I always reach for a shirt dress when I’m in a hurry and it’s such an easy look to throw together! I also love this casual look for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends.

Black Booties + A Dress – The classic pairing is always a good idea! I love that it can dress up a casual dress. like this one. but you could also do a more formal dress as well. I love that it can give the outfit a chic look and really make whatever you are wearing look more sophisticated! I also love how black booties with a dress make your legs look longer.

Black Booties + Sweater Dress – Sweater dresses are another fall staple that is going to be really big this year. They’re loose. cozy. and comfortable. and they look great on everyone! Pair your sweater dress with a pair of black booties to create an outfit that’s easy to throw together but looks like you put in the effort.

4. Booties with Jeans

Booties are casual enough for denim but dressy enough for even your fanciest pair of jeans. You can wear skinny jeans tucked into your boots or boyfriend jeans rolled up at the hem. The great thing about this look is that it goes from day to night effortlessly.

You can also try cuffing straight-legged or wide-leg jeans to show off your shoes if they don’t fit inside the leg opening.

Black Jeans + Black Booties – This is one of the most classic ways to style black ankle boots. but it’s also the trickiest. The outfit can look too heavy unless you break up the all-black with some fun textures and layers or add in a pop of color with a scarf or bag.

Black Booties + Skinny Jeans – There is nothing better than slipping into your favorite pair of skinny jeans. especially during the colder months when it gets colder outside and you want something that will keep you warm! Pairing them with black bootie boots will create an effortlessly chic look that everyone will want to try out this season.

Wearing skinny jeans with black booties is a classic look that never goes out of style. Whether you want to pair them with a basic white tee or a cozy sweater. this combo is great for any occasion. For an added touch of fun. try wearing a patterned sweater or top.

Black Booties + Mom Jeans – If you prefer mom jeans over skinny jeans. you’ll love this look! Mom jeans have been trending for quite some time now and are still going strong. The best part about these jeans is that they’re comfortable and flattering on all body types. so give them a try if you haven’t already!

Black Booties + Jeans and a Top – This classic combo is another one of my favorites! Just pair your favorite black booties with jeans and your favorite top and you’re good to go! The possibilities are endless with this particular look. You can wear jeggings. straight-leg jeans. cropped jeans. flared jeans. etc. The options are truly endless!

Black Booties + Cuffed Jeans – Cuffed jeans are super trendy right now and they look great with booties! You can cuff your jeans at the bottom so that just a little bit of skin shows between your shoes and your jeans.

5. Black Booties + A Trench Coat

Here is a more sophisticated way to wear your black booties. Pair them with a trench coat. which is another staple item you should have in your closet! The trench coat will keep you warm on those rainy days. so it’s definitely worth investing in.

Black Booties + Coat & Scarf – This is the ultimate fall look! I love the combination of a coat. scarf. dark jeans. and black booties! The scarf adds some color to this outfit but also keeps you warm during those chilly fall days! This outfit is perfect for running errands or

6. Black Booties + Jumpsuits/Rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers are already chic on their own which makes styling them easy! They are perfect for those days when you want to get ready quickly. but still. look put together. To make this look even more effortless. all you have to do is throw your black booties on and you’re out the door! You can wear this look to the office or out with your friends.

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7. Black Booties + Sweater

Jeans and a sweater are a classic look that will never go out of style. It’s a fall staple outfit and you can easily jazz it up by adding some black booties! This outfit is perfect for running errands. going to school or work. or even heading out on the town.

With an Oversized Sweater – Oversized sweaters can be hard to style without looking like a giant box. but pairing them with skinny jeans and black ankle boots will give your outfit more definition and shape.

8. Black Booties + Overalls/Dungarees

Overalls are one of my favorite trends right now. but they can be challenging to style at times! They can look bulky if not styled correctly. but I think pairing them with black booties instantly makes the outfit look more sophisticated!

9. Black Booties + A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are such a classic piece that can be worn in many ways. For example. you can wear black booties and a denim jacket for an easy everyday look. Just throw on a pair of jeans and your favorite top or sweater and you are ready to go! You will love how comfortable and stylish these two items look together.

10. Black Booties + Shorts

This is the perfect summer to fall transition look because it combines shorts with a sweater and booties. It’s also great for school. work. or even just going out with your friends!

Black Booties Are Versatile

Black booties are a great alternative to other footwear. They serve a similar function to sandals. flats. heels. and sneakers. but with a little more style. No matter what you’re wearing. you should be able to find a pair of black booties that can work with your look.

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Dress them up

Black booties can be dressed up or down. depending on the occasion. For anything from an evening out to an office party. pair your favorite high-heel booties with an LBD and you’ll turn heads wherever you go!

Or keep it casual

There’s nothing like a pair of trusty black ankle boots to complete your jeans-and-tee look. If you want to add a little something extra. belt those jeans around the waist. or roll them up at the bottom. Then slip on a pair of ankle boots and head out the door!

Go from day to night

For an easy outfit that goes from workday to weekend. wear your favorite pair of black ankle boots with leggings and tunic top — loose enough to be comfortable at work but stylish

What Colors Match Your Black Booties

Have fun with your black booties and make a bold fashion statement by pairing them with other colors. Black is the most versatile color to wear. so you’ll have no problem finding hues that work with it.

Pick up any color of the rainbow and wear it in combination with black booties to put together fabulous outfits for any occasion.

Black looks great with just about any color. Depending on the style of bootie. you can have fun with contrasting colors or more subdued tones.

Bright and bold colors

If your booties have a little bit of flair to them — buckles. laces. or even some fur trim — try pairing your shoes with bright and bold colors. A teal sweater would be perfect for the fall and winter season. while a neon yellow top would add some excitement to your outfit in the spring and summer.


You can’t go wrong with neutrals like white. gray. brown. navy. and tan. A knit sweater dress goes great over leggings and tall boots. For something that’s more casual. wear jeans and a cozy top tucked into your boots.

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You can add some glamour to your outfit by pairing black booties with metallics like gold or silver. You could also try a jewel tone like emerald green or ruby red if you want to add some sparkle to your outfit without using metallic accessories.


Navy is such a beautiful color to wear with black. I love to pair a navy-colored shirt or sweater with my jeans and black booties. This color combination is simple yet elegant and it’s a great go-to outfit for any occasion especially when you are in a rush.

Baby Pink

I love pairing baby pink with my black booties. Baby pink is the perfect pastel color that makes your outfit look feminine and chic. You could try pairing baby pink colored pants or dress with your black booties to achieve a put-together look.


Pair black booties with red jeans or a skirt for a bold outfit. For a more casual look. try denim shorts. A red scarf and a white shirt are perfect accessories.

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Wear black booties with an orange top or skirt for a chic look that’s also fun and flirty. Choose a light orange hue for spring and summertime or go for darker shades in fall and winter. Accessorize your outfit with silver jewelry pieces such as a bracelet. earrings. or necklace.


Create an eye-catching look by wearing your black booties with green pants or a skirt. If you’re feeling daring. pair the look with an animal print top in shades of green. brown. and orange — such as leopard or zebra — for an animalistic edge.


Perhaps the easiest way to pair your booties is to create an all-black outfit. Simply slip on a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings. along with a black sweater or long-sleeve shirt. and you’ve got an easy look that’s ready to go. You might also try wearing black booties with a black skirt and a chunky sweater; the result is cute and comfortable.

In summary. black booties are a closet staple because they go with everything. While you can’t go wrong with a classic black pair of ankle boots. there are also a lot of cute options for the season that will keep your look on-trend.

No matter what season it is. this classic shoe style is always in fashion. If you’re looking to add some new pairs to your rotation. we’ve rounded up our favorite picks right now

Black booties are a closet staple because they go with everything. While you can’t go wrong with a classic black pair of ankle boots. there are also a lot of cute options for the season that will keep your look on-trend. No matter what season it is. this classic shoe style is always in fashion.

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