Can You Wear Timberlands To A Nightclub? (Are They Allowed?)

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It’s Friday, and it’s time to unwind! You and your friends are heading to a club after work. You’re feeling good from the drinks you had at happy hour. But what are you going to wear? What kind of shoes can you wear? Can you wear Timberlands? Should you wear boots?

New Yorkers are crazy about Timberlands. Can you really blame them? The boots are so versatile; they can be worn to the office and beyond.

Can You Wear Timberlands To A Nightclub?

Considering that Timberlands have a huge following among urban crowds. They’re really not made for clubs, because they lack the ability to be trendy or trendy. They’re designed with comfort in mind, not style. Most clubs are filled with people who want to look attractive and stylish, and Timberlands aren’t exactly the best shoes for that.

And you will notice that most people who wear Timbs don’t actually wear them in clubs, they usually rock them as an everyday shoe or a shoe for casual occasions.

Every nightclub has different rules regarding dress codes. However, many carry a fundamental policy of a smart casual dress code that excludes open-toe shoes, sportswear, t-shirts, shorts, etc.

While Timberlands adhere to the code of being closed in, sensible footwear, they can be synonymous with sport or work, meaning that some nightclubs will refuse entry to those sporting a pair of these famous boots.

An additional reason why Timberlands may not be allowed into nightclubs is due to their steel-capped toes.

While you may be allowed entry into nightclubs wearing your favorite pair of Timberlands, it’s probably best to leave them at home if you want to guarantee admission to all your favorite clubs and bars.

Why Are Timberlands Not Allowed In Clubs?

Timberland shoes are not necessarily banned in all clubs. Those that do ban Timberland shoes tend to be very reluctant to give their reasons behind the ban.

Some people have claimed that because Timberland has always been seen as a ‘working shoe’, they are not dressy enough to be allowed in clubs. After all, clubs tend to require you to wear something with a bit more style to them.

Some clubs are starting to lift their bans on Timberlands, though. This is due to their prominence in the black community, and many clubs have come under fire by people that see a ban on Timberlands as being racially motivated.

What Kind Of Shoes Can You Wear To A Club?

You’ll want to look your best if you’re going to the club and that includes your footwear. For women, the best shoes to wear to a club are boots, heels, or nice sneakers. For men, the best shoes to wear to a club are boots, sneakers, or dress shoes.

You want to be sure that your foot attire is both comfortable and stylish so that you can impress out on the dance floor without killing your feet. Comfortable and classy boots are always in style and sneakers can be jazzed up for extra fashion points.

Why Do New Yorkers Like Timbs?

Timbs are an extremely popular type of shoe, but they seem to be especially beloved in New York. Why is that? Well, it’s actually quite simple: the shoes are durable. They are tough, sturdy, warm and waterproof, which is all quite nice in a place like New York, which is often cold and wet.

Who Popularized Them?

Regardless about how you feel in regards to drug dealers, there’s no denying that they had a big effect on the popularity of Timbs, as the shoes were great for keeping their feet warm, dry, and comfortable during long hours on the streets of New York.

What To Wear Clubbing In Nyc?

Rather than Timberlands, you might consider wearing some of the more flexible sneakers designed for dancing and moving in. These are more likely to conform with club rules and regulations regarding footwear. However, don’t forget that there will be spills on the floor, so wear something appropriate that won’t make a mess on your pants.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to club-friendly shoes, including brands like Converse, Adidas, Nike, PUMA and Reebok. Many of these brands have shoes with rubber soles and canvas uppers, providing enough traction and flexibility for all types of dance moves.

In addition to using non-slip soles, try not to wear high-top shoes or boots while clubbing. These can limit your ability to move freely on the dance floor and could even get caught under a chair or table.

Can I Wear Boots To A Bar?

This will be dependent on the bar that you are heading to. Your average bar for casual drinking, perhaps after work, is likely not going to care too much about whether you are wearing Timberlands. The only time it will be a real problem is if your Timberlands are dirty.

You may, however, notice that many bars that are a bit more ‘high class’ will have a strict dress code, and boots designed for working e.g. Timberlands will likely not be part of their dress code.

If the bar is in a club, then you will almost certainly not be allowed to take your Timberlands in.

In summary, if you still want to wear Timbs to a club, you do so at your own risk. Do it in a way that’s not going to attract too much attention but that’ll still communicate your style.

But the reality is when it comes to Timberlands  boots is they’re not meant to be worn in the club, and you’ll probably look like a tool if you try.

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