Why Can’t You Wear Basketball Shoes Outside?

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Basketball shoes are a type of footwear that has been created and designed to be worn by people who play basketball. While they may appear similar to the kind of shoes that you would wear on the streets, they have been created with a completely different purpose in mind. Basketball shoes are made out of special materials that help to provide extra traction and support.

Traction is an important aspect of any shoe that is being used for playing basketball. This can help prevent you from slipping as you run around the court. In addition, it can help improve your overall balance as well.

It is worth noting that some basketball shoes can also be worn outside and for other purposes, but you should always check the label first before doing so.

Why Can’t You Wear Basketball Shoes Outside?

If you wear your indoor basketball shoes outside on a regular basis, their quality will quickly fade.

What Do You Risk?

  1. Loss of shoe grip.
  2. Increased dirt and grime.
  3. Faster color fade.
  4. Faster deterioration.

When these things happen, your basketball shoes become less effective on the court. They become more slippery, less aesthetically pleasing, and less comfortable with wear.

Further, your indoor basketball shoes simply won’t last as long as they could if you reserve them for inside use only. It’s better to have separate pairs for indoor and outdoor use.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

You can wear basketball shoes casually, but it will come at a cost if you also intend to wear them for sports activities.

How Basketball Shoes Work for Casual Wear

Since athletic shoes get designed with features like arch support and comfort in mind, they translate well to casual shoes. However, if you intend to wear them on the court, too, casual use will put more wear on them.

Essentially, if you use them for both, they won’t last as long. They’ll get odorous, worn out, and spent much faster, which means you’ll have to buy new shoes sooner.

Is It Bad to Wear Basketball Shoes on Concrete?

It’s not necessarily bad to wear basketball shoes on concrete so much as it is a bad idea to wear basketball shoes casually in the first place. The shoes won’t be particularly damaged by concrete, but they weren’t made for casual wear and they may not offer the type of support you need for regular use.

Wearing Shoes as Intended

One must keep in mind that basketball shoes are designed primarily for basketball. They offer great support on basketball courts and while making the types of movements basketball requires of you, but they don’t offer nearly as much support in casual wear as shoes that were designed for it.

These boots were not made for walking, on concrete or otherwise.

Are Kyries Good for Outdoor?

Yes, Nike’s Kyrie’s shoes are great options for outdoor use, especially when playing basketball. These sneakers are well-known for their amazing tread pattern, making them perfect for use on any type of surface outside.

Kyries shoes provide plenty of traction whether you are on the court outside or indoors, and are breathable, slim fit for quick, flexible movements, and will be comfortable during long hours of wear.

Many players prefer Kryries 2 and Kryies 5 for outdoor use because of their durable soles. However, these sneakers may wear down faster when facing the natural elements outside.

Can You Wear Kyrie 6 Outdoor?

Yes, you can wear Kyrie 6 sneakers outdoors. They have a unique tread pattern that creates fantastic traction on any surface, making them a good option for playing basketball on an outdoor court.

Nike Kyrie 6 Mens Basketball Shoes Bq4630-004 Size 5 Black

The trouble with wearing the Kyrie 6 sneaker outdoors is that the material is pretty thin, and the rubber is kind of soft, causing them to wear out much quicker outdoors than on an indoor court.

With that said, they are still going to provide plenty of traction, but may not last as long as other options.

Can I Wear Lebrons Outside?

Yes, you very much can. You can technically wear any shoes outside. However, LeBron’s are shoes designed specifically for use on a basketball court. They were made to offer the highest degree of support for playing basketball, and weren’t made to be particularly durable or supportive casual shoes.


Nike Mens Lebron 18 Low CV7562 100 Greedy - Size 10


The Difference in Can and Should

You can wear Lebrons outside if you want to, but keep in mind that they will not last as long as shoes that were intended to be worn in such a scenario. They don’t offer the same level of support in a casual setting and could be easily scuffed or dirtied.

Can You Wear Lebron 18 Casually?

While the Lebron 18 shoe is a sneaker specifically designed for basketball players, it doesn’t mean that’s the only time you can wear them. Yes, you absolutely can wear Lebron 18’s casually, and you should.

Why? Because they are comfortable, look great, and provide plenty of traction, keeping you on your feet on most surfaces.

These Nike Lebron 18 sneakers have three layers of cushion and a fantastic design that will get you tons of attention no matter if you are on the court or walking the mall.

Are Kobe Shoes Good for Outdoors?

Kobe Bryant’s line of shoes is a great option for outdoor use. Most of the models are well-designed, durable, created with strong materials, and provide a great amount of traction for outdoor basketball courts.


Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe (Black, Numeric_4_Point_5)


Although opinions will vary from person to person, it is a common belief that the Kobe Venomenon 5 and the Kobe 1 Protro are two of the best go-to pairs of outdoor sneakers. On the other hand, many people feel Kobe 11’s lack in traction when it comes to gravel or dirt, making it a poor option for an outside court.

In summary, basketball shoes are designed for movement and speed on the basketball court. Their high rubber soles provide traction and prevent slippage, while their open-fronted uppers allow players’ feet to breathe.

As a result, these shoes have limited use off the court — they’re not great for running errands or taking out the trash, because they don’t protect your feet from water or other elements. That also means they don’t keep your feet warm in winter.

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