Will Water Ruin Your Rainbow Sandals? (Wear Rainbow Sandals to the Beach?)

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Rainbow sandals are one of the most popular summer footwear choices. They’re fun, colorful, and look great with any outfit! But can you wear them in the rain? Can you wear them to the beach? Are rainbow flip flops waterproof?

Rainbow Sandals are water resistant, not waterproof. The sole is made of a special coated, non-woven fabric that will stay flexible when wet. So it is not a good idea getting Rainbow Sandals wet or exposing them to any amount of salt water.

Make sure you rinse off your shoes after getting them dirty to avoid stains and drying them out thoroughly before re-wearing them.

Will Water Ruin My Rainbow Sandals?

Water can definitely ruin rainbow sandals. Now, this is not to say that you can’t get your rainbow sandals wet at all. But getting them soaking wet, and on multiple occasions, can cause damage to the sandal. This can also mean that the guarantee becomes void, due to water damage.

Many people will dampen their new rainbow sandals to help break them in. Wetting them excessively, however, can lead to the sandal becoming stiff and maybe even cracking. If they do become very wet then just make sure to dry them immediately, and out of direct sunlight.

Water is bad for the rainbow sandals. You will damage them if you wear those to water activities like beach, lake, or pool. They are not waterproof. If you do get a few drops of water on your flip-flops, wipe it off immediately. Never soak your flip flops in water as this will ruin their appearance and your flip flops might get moldy.

Rainbow sandals can get wet but can’t be worn in the water, because these are not slip-resistant so you can slip very easily in these flip flops if done so.

Rainbow sandals are not waterproof. So, you can’t use it to walk through the puddles or shower with it. The upper part of the sandal will deform after getting wet and it also smells bad, so try to avoid getting them wet as much as possible.

These flip-flops are great for wearing while walking around at home or at the park but not suitable for swimming or outdoor activities where they might get wet due to rain or pool water splashing.

Can Rainbow Sandals Get Wet?

Rainbow sandals weren’t designed to go into the water, but if they happen to get a little wet, it’s not like they will just fall apart. However, you don’t want them to be saturated completely, which may actually damage them.


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What Happens if They Get Saturated?

If your rainbow sandals get too wet, the leather may warp or crack on you as it dries, because the leather’s natural oils will evaporate alongside the water. So ultimately, you can afford for your Rainbow sandals to get a little wet, especially if you dry them before the water evaporates, but you don’t want them to get soaked.

Does Water Stain Rainbow Sandals?

Yes, unfortunately, water will stain your Rainbow sandals, usually only if they are saturated. These flip flops can develop water stains easily because they are made from leather, and unless protected with a waterproof product, the material will start to break down, distorting the color of your shoes.

Leather is naturally water-resistant to a point. However, too much exposure over time or frequently getting soaked will create water stains. These watermarks will not only destroy the look of your Rainbow sandals but can lead to more serious problems ruining the pair of shoes altogether.

Can You Shower with Rainbow Sandals?

Yes, you can shower in Rainbow sandals. However, it might not be a good idea. Rainbow sandals can get wet, and some people even recommend wetting them so the leather can loosen and conform to your foot more easily. But if they get completely soaked and stay wet for too long, the leather may crack.

How to Avoid Leather Cracking

If you do get your Rainbow sandals wet, make sure you dry them properly, either in direct sunlight or with a blow or hair dryer. As long as the sandals don’t stay wet for too long, it’s alright for them to get wet, though they are not actually intended for use in the water.

Can You Wear Rainbow Sandals to the Beach?

Yes and no. Rainbow sandals are leather and are made to last, and while wearing them to the beach shouldn’t affect the structural integrity of the sandal, sand and water can discolor the leather.

Brown leather is notorious for turning darker the older it gets, and Rainbow sandals are no exception. You can wear them to the beach, but getting them wet with ocean water or getting them covered in the sand can hasten how quickly your sandals turn black. If you don’t mind the discoloration, feel free to wear them to the beach!

Are Rainbow Flip Flops Water Proof?

Rainbow sandals are not waterproof: they can be soaked through and they do not repel water in any way. In fact, Rainbow sandals could potentially be damaged quite seriously if they are soaked through with water and not properly dried.

How Bad is it?

Your Rainbow sandals aren’t going to fall apart if they get wet, and even if they get soaked, you can avoid permanent damage by drying them in direct sunlight or ith something like a blow dryer. All of that said, you should not wear your Rainbow sandals for situations where you explicitly expect them to get soaked

In summary, Rainbow Sandals are, in fact, water-resistant. However, they are not waterproof, so don’t go swimming or take a shower in them. If they do get wet or need cleaning you should wipe them down with a soft cloth and allow them to air dry.

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