Can Twisted X Shoes Get Wet? (IF So… Can You Wash Them?)

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Twisted X footwear is built with the absolute highest quality leathers available in the market today… with super-tough construction fabric made right here in Texas… But most importantly they are built with the experience of all over the world trailblazing cowboys and cowgirls who know how to work boots hard!

But can they handle the wet? What happens if it rains? Oh no… will the water act like some sort of acid and destroy my boots? Are any of Twisted X shoes machine washable?

Now think about the opening paragraph… This brand builds boots with the experience of trailblazing cowboys/girls who know how to work boots hard.

Now… don’t you think if you are a trailblazer… a cowboy… and working hard outdoors that you would have experienced boot-death-defying circumstances caused by that dastardly enemy with the name of….. rain?

Of course… they have… and these guys obviously did not create a shoe that can’t handle working in wet conditioners… What would be the point of making a boot designed for the rigors of ranching if they couldn’t get down and dirty (and wet)?

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So….. Can Twisted X Shoes Get Wet?

Of course… they can… The boots are weatherproof and most of them are at least water-resistant… In fact… all leather footwear can handle the wet better than any other material… Plus… Twisted X even has a wide variety of totally waterproof shoes as well.

Yes! All Twisted X boots are water-resistant… The only thing that you should avoid is getting them totally submerged in water… If your boots get wet… simply wipe them off… Some laces might act a little funny after getting wet… but they will work just fine after drying out.

The stitching… sole… and other materials used to build Twisted X footwear are weatherproofed against the outside elements… With proper care… your boots should provide you with years of hardworking service.

Simply wipe off muddy or dusty boots with a damp cloth… after wearing them in the rain or getting wet in the water… The leather material will not be damaged by moisture if wiped off while still wet.

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Can You Wear Twisted X Shoes In The Rain?

Well… if they can get wet… Let me see….. hmmm… Yep… you can wear them in the rain… Man… if you are out in a field somewhere and it starts to rain what are you going to do? Take them off and go barefoot among all the mud and cow poop? No….. boots are made for working – in all conditions.

Whether you’re hiking through a puddle… splashing through a creek… or galloping through a rainstorm… you can be sure your boots are not going to mystery evaporate from your feet… They will dry out again and be just fine.

Most Twisted X shoes have a rubber bottom with a suede leather upper… This combination is naturally water-resistant and helps to protect both the leather and the soles.

Twisted X also uses a special waterproofing agent that gets applied to the entire shoe… including the inside of the leather upper… This process helps create a rain-repellent barrier that protects against rain and damp conditions.

Their boots and shoes will stay looking good and perform at their peak no matter how wet or muddy your toe-tapping adventures get. That being said… don’t forget about their range of waterproof boots to be even more secure.

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Can You Wash Twisted X Shoes?

Yes… you can hand wash the waterproof range of Twisted X boots under running water but just wipe down other boots with a damp rag.

Wash your waterproof Twisted X boots by hand using warm water… Do not put them in the washing machine or dishwasher… Use a gentle brush only if needed… Never scrub your boots harder than you would scrub your own skin… Take care of your boots and they will do their best to take care of you!

So… if dirt gets wedged in the wrinkles… give the boots a gentle once over with a soft-bristle brush—hypoallergenic if you want to be extra careful.

To keep the boots looking their best… try wiping them down now and then with a damp cloth… but avoid getting water inside the boot… Never wash coated boots or shoes using bleach or fabric softener or dry them in a dryer.

The most important thing is to let them air dry completely before wearing them again… This is essential to maintaining the life of your boots.

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Are Twisted X Mocs Machine Washable?

The Mocs come with a machine-washable cushion insole… So while the Twisted X Mocs can take a beating and still come out looking ready for more I wouldn’t be throwing the entire shoe into the machine just the cushion insole.


Men's Original Chukka Driving Moc... Bomber... 10.5M


If during the course of normal wear you get anything on the upper portion or outside of your Twisted X Mocs… don’t worry; you can hand wash these separately using warm water and mild soap… Just make sure to air dry them completely before wearing them again.

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In summary… for general purposes like getting stuck in the rain… it is perfectly fine to get your Twisted X wet… They will survive with no issues just try to dry them out completely before you wear them again.

If you know you are going to be constantly working in an area where your boots will get wet often or even the likelihood of them being submerged a few inches in the water you should opt for the waterproof version of the boot.

Other than that these boots are tough and durable… Perfect for working conditioners and will handle most weather conditioners as well.

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