Are Altra Shoes Zero Drop? (What Zero Drop Shoes Are Good For)

Are Altra shoes zero drop?

Altra Shoes are very different from other shoes! Altra’s Zero Drop platform provides a level of mobility and natural body alignment. Their shoes also contain an extra layer of cushioning in high-impact areas. This combination delivers unmatched support, cushioning, lightweight flexibility, and comfort in a minimal shoe. Are All Altra Shoes Zero Drop? Yes, all …

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What Are Crocs Good For? (Are They Good For Your Circumstances?)

What are crocs good for?

The all-over comfort and instantly recognizable style have made Crocs a billion-dollar phenomenon. Crocs are everywhere because they are fresh, fun, and make the world a happier place. That’s why they are good for everything from kicking around in after a day at work to dinner with friends. And once you’ve tried them on, you’ll be …

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