What Kind of Shoes Do I Need for a Peloton Bike?

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Peloton bikes require cycling shoes compatible with Delta Look cleats (3-hole system) for optimal performance and safety. Ensure the shoes you choose are specifically designed for indoor cycling or spinning, as they provide a secure fit and proper support to maximize power transfer and enhance your overall workout experience.

What Kind of Shoes Do I Need for a Peloton Bike?

The Peloton Bike is a new spin on indoor cycling that encompasses more than just an exercise machine. Riders are able to stream live and on-demand classes. compete in challenges with other riders. watch videos of instructors leading their favorite classes. browse through curated playlists. and more. To do it all. you’ll need some Peloton-friendly shoes.

Just about every major shoe manufacturer makes shoes and cleats that work with the pedals on the Peloton bike so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect pair.

The Peloton bike comes with two types of pedals: SPD and Look Delta. The Look Delta is the newest version of the traditional clipless pedal. It allows you to clip in and out of the pedal with one quick motion. If you are riding on the Peloton bike with Look Delta pedals. you will need cycling shoes with cleats.

Cycling shoes are designed to be secured onto your pedal. which means that they are stiffer than running shoes.

The most important thing is to make sure that they have cleats attached so that they can clip into your pedals. You can find a complete range of Peloton-compatible shoes on Amazon.

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Can You Ride a Peloton with Regular Shoes?

When you’re riding on the Peloton bike. you have two options for how to attach your feet to the pedals. If you have cycling shoes with cleats that clip into the pedals. then you can use those.

But if you will be riding with sneakers. Peloton recommends clipping toe cages onto your pedals instead. The cages will hold your feet securely.

However. Peloton doesn’t come with those pedals so you will need to request them when ordering or if you already have a Peloton you will need to purchase the caged pedals separately.

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The trainer shoes that work with the Peloton bike are generally lightweight and comfortable enough for indoor cycling. The padded soles and extra cushioning help with comfort and shock absorption during your ride. A built-in tread pattern allows you to use them outdoors as well.

You should wear shoes designed for biking or spinning when using your Peloton bike. Running shoes and gym shoes will not be nearly as comfortable to ride in and they will make it hard to get the resistance set correctly.

The shoes should also be flexible enough to move freely as you pedal. so they do not restrict or hinder your pedaling technique. You will want a pair with a snug fit as well. as they should be supportive as you move up and down on the pedals. Shoes with split uppers will allow your feet to breathe as you work out without sacrificing support.

Pros of using toe cages:

  1. Toe cages are compatible with almost any type of footwear or shoe. so you can use them for indoor cycling classes or outdoor rides in your regular sneakers.
  2. Toe cages don’t require special shoes because they fit onto your existing pedals.
  3. They offer an extra level of security over just using your sneakers when riding. especially when sprinting or when making sudden movements during an indoor cycling class.

Cons of using toe cages:

  1. Toe cages may not be the best option if you’re already familiar with clipless pedals and want to ride in them for personal preference reasons because you find clipping in easier than unclipping or simply like the added control you get from having your feet attached to the bike at all times (note that Peloton recommends clipping in).
  2. Toe cages aren’t ideal for outdoor riding because they can sometimes interfere with pedaling efficiency depending on the angle at which your foot hits the pedal (for instance. if your foot hits the top part of the pedal). They also tend to be more difficult to install.
  3. Peloton recommends using the pedals your bike comes with because that is how you get the ultimate experience with their product.

As for style. most Peloton trainers wear whatever shoe they like best or whatever is most comfortable for them during their workouts. Some people choose running shoes. but whatever shoe you choose should be supportive and nonrestrictive when pedaling on indoor cycles.

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Can You Use Tiem Shoes with Peloton?

The Delta pedals that come with Peloton bikes (and many other indoor cycles) are SPD-compatible. meaning they’re attached to the bike with a pair of two-sided metal cleats called SPDs.

That means they’re not compatible with Tiems. If you want to use your Tiems on a Peloton bike. you’ll have to replace its Delta pedals with something that’s compatible with them.

SPDs and Tiems are both attached to your shoes by a single screw. but they look very different (the SPD has all the parts and the Tiem has none) and they attach to your shoe in different ways (the SPD attaches with a standard screw and the Tiem attaches with a hex nut).

TIEM Slipstream - Black-Black - Indoor Cycling Shoe.  SPD Compatible (Women's Size 9)

The original Peloton bikes were outfitted with Look Delta cleats. which are designed for road shoes. The company has since moved on to SPD-SL cleats. which are more common in the fitness industry. but it still recommends looking for road shoes with SPD-SL compatibility if you’re planning to take your Peloton bike out of the studio.

The same goes for any other spin class you might take at a gym or studio that uses pedals with SPD-SL compatibility.

If you already own a Peloton bike and want to add Tiem shoes to the mix. you’ll have to get new pedals. The Tiem shoes won’t work with the Peloton Delta pedals.

Peloton’s pedal system is proprietary. so you can’t just replace the Delta cleats with SPD-SL ones. But since Tiems are compatible with SPD-SL pedals. you can purchase replacements from Peloton. The Tiem shoes are compatible with both indoor and outdoor bikes. but they’re not compatible with Peloton’s Delta pedals.

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Can You Use Your Own Cycling Shoes with Peloton?

Yes! Peloton’s app is very flexible when it comes to cycling shoes. You can use “normal” shoes with SPD cleats. or you can use clip-in shoes without any cleats. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or have Orthotics. you may want to look into SPD-SL pedals instead of normal pedals.

If you choose to use your own bike shoes instead of your Peloton shoes. you need a pair that is compatible with 3-hole cleats. Most cycling shoes have this option. and they will typically fit right onto the pedals with no issues.

If you are using normal clip-in pedals. you will not be able to use your own cycling shoes. but if you are using SPD-SL pedals and if your cycling shoes have an SPD cleat on the sole of the shoe. then you should be able to pair your own cycling shoes with Peloton.

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Do I Need Clip-in Shoes for Peloton?

While your favorite athletic shoe will work just fine for indoor bike sessions. if you want the experience to be as authentic to an outdoor bike ride as possible. we recommend using cycling-specific shoes.

Cycling-specific shoes have stiff soles and stiffer uppers which provide more power transfer to the pedals of your Peloton bike. The more power you put into your pedal stroke. the harder your bike resistance goes up.

If you are not transferring all of your power into each pedal stroke then you are actually putting yourself at a disadvantage because it means that you are putting less effort into each rotation of the pedals.

Cycling-specific shoes will make sure that every bit of power in your leg muscles is transferred to the pedal stroke which will. in turn. increase your workout efficiency.

The bike comes with SPD-style cleats. so you’ll need some SPD shoes or something similar to use with them. The good news is that if you already have SPD shoes. they’ll work just fine with your Peloton bike. If you don’t have SPD cleats on your shoes. then you can buy a pair of toe clips that will work as well.

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FAQs: “What Kind of Shoes Do I Need for a Peloton Bike?

What kind of shoes do I need for a Peloton bike?

To use a Peloton bike, you will need cycling shoes that are compatible with the bike’s pedal system. Peloton bikes come equipped with LOOK Delta-compatible pedals, so you will need cycling shoes that have a 3-hole cleat system to attach the necessary LOOK Delta cleats.

Can I use regular athletic shoes on a Peloton bike?

Regular athletic shoes cannot be used directly with the standard Peloton pedals, as they require cycling shoes with compatible cleats. However, you can swap the Peloton pedals with toe cage pedals or dual-sided pedals that accommodate both regular athletic shoes and cleats. This allows for more versatility in your choice of footwear while using the bike.

How do I attach the cleats to my cycling shoes?

To attach the LOOK Delta cleats to your cycling shoes, follow these steps:

1: Line up the holes on the cleat with the 3-hole system on the bottom of your cycling shoe.

2: Insert the provided screws through the cleat holes and into the shoe.

3: Tighten the screws securely, but avoid over-tightening, which can damage the cleat or shoe.

4: It is essential to periodically check the tightness of the screws, as they may loosen over time due to regular use.

How do I choose the right cycling shoes for my Peloton bike?

To choose the right cycling shoes for your Peloton bike, consider the following factors:

1: Compatibility: Ensure the shoes have a 3-hole cleat system for LOOK Delta compatibility.

2: Fit: Look for shoes that fit comfortably without pinching or rubbing and provide enough room for your toes.

3: Closure system: Choose a closure system, such as laces, Velcro, or ratchet dials, based on your personal preference and ease of use.

4: Breathability: Opt for shoes with breathable materials to keep your feet comfortable and dry during intense workouts.

5: Stiffness: Select shoes with a stiff sole for optimal power transfer and pedaling efficiency.

Are there specific brands or models of cycling shoes that are best for Peloton use?

There is no single brand or model of cycling shoes that is universally best for Peloton use. The right shoe for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and fit. Some popular brands among Peloton users include Shimano, Specialized, Giro, and Pearl Izumi. As long as the shoes are compatible with the LOOK Delta cleat system, they should work with your Peloton bike.

Can I use SPD (2-hole) cleats with my Peloton bike?

The standard Peloton pedals are not compatible with SPD (2-hole) cleats. However, you can replace the Peloton pedals with SPD-compatible pedals or dual-sided pedals that accommodate both SPD and LOOK Delta cleats. This allows you to use your preferred cycling shoes and cleats while still enjoying the Peloton experience.

Summary: What Kind of Shoes Do I Need for a Peloton Bike?

Compatibility with pedalsAllows for efficient and safe pedalingMay require additional investment in equipment
Stiff soleProvides support and stabilityMay not be as comfortable for everyday wear
Proper fitEnsures comfort and prevents injuryMay require additional time and effort
Breathable materialsAllows for temperature regulationMay not be as durable as other footwear options
Shoe style and designProvides style and individualityMay not be suitable for all types of workouts
Cost considerationsControls spending on cycling shoesMay require research and consideration of options

Overall, the choice of shoes for a Peloton bike should consider compatibility with pedals, a stiff sole for support and stability, proper fit for comfort and injury prevention, breathable materials for temperature regulation, and shoe style and design for individuality.

However, cycling shoes may not be as comfortable for everyday wear, may not be as durable as other footwear options, and may not be suitable for all types of workouts. Additionally, investing in cycling shoes may require additional spending and research to find the best option.

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