Do Muck Boots Come in Half Sizes? (Are They True To Size?)

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Are you shopping for a pair of Muck Boots? Have you struggled to find the appropriate boot size, especially if you have smaller or larger-than-average feet? Do they come in half sizes? What about wide-width options? Do muck boots run true to size? How are they supposed to fit? How can you make them fit better? Let’s find out…

No, Muck boots are not available in half sizes. They only come in whole sizes. However, one thing you should know about these boots is that they are made of a material that will ultimately stretch to become suitable for half sizes. Generally, these boots have a 15mm toe allowance in their sizing.

The majority of the Muck boot models are a universal fit which means they are going to be suitable for both men and women. However, careful selection of the size is important.

Females should order their Muck boots one size below the male’s size. Men who are a half size in boots should order the next size of these boots up and women should order the next size down. Refer to the sizing chart available on the official website for help.

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Do Muck Boots Come in Wide Width?

No, Muck boots are generally only made to standard width and most of the time this is the only width they are available in. However, as mentioned before, their material allows them to stretch a bit after use.

According to their official website, Muck boots of standard width can stretch with time, and eventually, they will become a comfortable fit of up to triple E width.

That said, there are a few models of Muck boots that are meant for people with wide calves. So, if you are looking for a relatively wider width, you should certainly check those out. Some models also come with a gusset for an adjustable fit which is great.

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Do Muck Boots Run Large or Small?

Muck boots neither run large nor small. Instead, they are pretty much right on with size. They are true to your normal shoe size which means they will fit you out of the box regardless of which model you buy.

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They do stretch out a bit after you have used them for a while so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting the size. If you wear thick socks or multiple pairs of socks, then it is recommended that you choose a bigger size of Muck boots. Going up a size is also recommended when wearing safety footwear.

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Should Muck Boots Be Tight?

No, Muck boots should neither feel tight nor loose. If you find your Muck boots to be tight, particularly in the calf, then you should consider getting a wide-leg model to suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you find your Muck boots to be a bit loose, then consider wearing thick socks. Most people prefer Muck boots to be a little loose as in this way the boots grip pretty well in the ankle and provide ample support, while at the same time also allowing you to comfortably wear thick socks if you prefer.

Should my feet hurt?

Most people find that their Mucks boots fit perfectly when they first wear them. However, after working in them for a few hours or days, they may feel a bit uncomfortable and sweaty, or even start to ache. While this is normal at first, it indicates that the boots need a break-in period before you can work for extended periods of time in them

The boots should also have room to wiggle your toes around comfortably, so that you can move them if necessary, such as when you’re walking over rough terrain. Although Muck boots are meant to fit snugly, they shouldn’t be so tight as to cause pain or discomfort.

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How Do I Know What Size Muck Boots to Buy?

Muck boots come in a wide range of different sizes and their sizes vary greatly depending on each collection. If you want to choose the best and the most accurate possible size for you, you will need to measure the boot’s sole.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Place your foot on a paper on the ground and stand straight on it to make sure your foot is flat.
  2. Draw a line behind your heel and another one in front of your longest toe. You may find that one foot is slightly longer than the other. It is recommended that you choose the longer foot for measurement.
  3. Now measure the distance between lines in centimeters or inches.

Once you have measured those, you can match them with the Muck boots size chart shown on the official website to determine which size is going to be the best fit for you. If your size falls in between, simply round it up.


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How Can I Make My Muck Boots Fit Better?

Muck boots are generally made to be a bit loose. The reason behind it is that in this way they provide your feet sufficient room to generate heat during winter. Furthermore, it also lets you comfortably wear thick socks if you wish.

However, you may want to make your Muck boots fit better. For this, it would be a good idea to try them on before buying. There have to be a lot of places for you to do that.

Trying it on first before buying is highly recommended but unfortunately, it’s not possible to do so if you are buying online.

  1. So, in this case, if you find your Muck boots to be a bit loose, consider wearing thick socks or multiple pairs of socks with them.
  2. On the other hand, if your Muck boots are tight and you need more space, either length or width, then consider removing the insole. This will increase the available volume and space inside.
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In summary, Muck boots are strong, durable, and sturdy that was made for snowy, wet, and/or slushy terrains. These boots are ideal to wear in all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, it features a rubber outsole that is strong enough to withstand the tough terrain or surface where you might have to wear these boots.

Unfortunately, Muck Boots do not come in half sizes. There is only a whole size selection, so if you are half-size (or thereabouts) you may have trouble finding the right pair of muck boots for you. The good news is that these boots are made with material that will stretch to fit your foot over time.

While you may not be able to get muck boots in half sizes, they can still fit over your feet. And while the material may stretch, you should note that the boots are not supposed to be worn tight—there should always be some room between your foot and the boot.

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