What Footwear Do You Wear With a Kilt? (Are Brogues Okay?)

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There are many things to consider when determining what footwear you wear with a kilt. For example, the first thing you will have to decide is whether or not you want boots or shoes and socks. If you choose to wear socks with your kilt, it is important that they match your sporran.

There are a variety of choices, including everything from sneakers to dress or casual shoes to boots. And then, of course, there are always bare feet!

Once you determine what type of footwear you want to wear, there are many different styles to choose from. You can choose between leather and rubber-soled shoes, both of which come in a variety of styles.

There are also boots if you prefer ankle-high boots with your kilt. No matter what style you choose for your kilt footwear, one thing is certain; you will have no problem finding a pair that fits perfectly with your kilt!

Tartan kilts can be worn with ordinary shoes, but proper shoes are expected at a formal gathering. If you plan on dancing in your kilt, then it would be best to wear kilt-friendly footwear.

What Traditional Footwear Do You Wear With a Kilt?

Ghillie brogues are the most traditional footwear to wear with a kilt. These shoes originated in the 16th century, lack a tongue, and have very long laces. The laces of the ghillie brogue should be wrapped around your ankles just below your calf before being tied off to avoid getting them muddy.

Kilts were originally designed for wearing in Scotland’s cold climate. As such, they are typically worn with heavy wool socks or tights, as well as leather or rubber-soled shoes that provide traction in muddy conditions. Kilts are not meant to be worn barefoot or with lightweight dress socks.

Tartan formal shoes are typically worn with a kilt for semi-formal occasions, such as weddings or funerals. They can be worn with either hose and garters or socks. Sporrans can be worn with a sporran belt that goes around the waist, or by pinning it to your kilt.

Walking shoes and boots are worn for more casual events, such as walking on the grass at a park, or at an outdoor wedding. The traditional black leather moccasin is also a very popular choice among Scots worldwide. It is worn without socks, but they do not have laces (since they will be tied to the kilt).

If you wear your kilt in colder weather, then you will want to invest in some wool socks (wool is warm even if it may get wet). As with all things tartan, you can find a variety of styles of socks to match any tartan.

What Are Kilt Shoes?

Kilt shoes also called known as Ghillie Brogues, is traditional Scottish shoe worn with kilts. They resemble wingtip shoes but have no tongue and extremely long laces that wrap around the ankle before tying behind the calf.

The multiple holes in the shoe’s design, and the lack of tongue, were so water could easily drain from the shoe when Scotsmen would wade through the bogs.

Tying the laces around the ankle helped prevent the shoe from being sucked off into the mud when walking in these bogs as well. Kilt shoes are usually leather with a rubber sole, and some feature tassels.



Standard Piper Ghillie Brogues UK 6.5 Black


Kilt shoes are casual shoes, usually made of leather. They are similar to Oxfords, but with a strap over the instep. Tartan Kilt shoes, which will match any color kilt and are preferred by many, are available in many shoe stores.

They can be worn with socks or without socks. They are made with a leather sole and a leather upper part. They have laces that tie in front and buckles that hold the laces.

The top of the kilt shoe is usually flat across the top of the foot so they don’t get caught in the kilt pleats. Kilt shoes are available in different styles and colors. There is also a choice between black or brown lace straps on some models.

Kilt shoes can be either slip-on or laced. Kilt shoes are typically low-heeled, to better accommodate the long stride required of kilted men.

What makes a shoe suitable for wearing with a kilt?

It must be durable and comfortable for long strolls through rough terrain. It should also be lightweight so that it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your outfit.

Kilt shoes should also complement the rest of your outfit and match your chosen design theme. Many people wear all black with their kilt shoes, while others prefer a more colorful look.

Can You Wear Normal Brogues with a Kilt?

Brogues are traditional Irish dress shoes, and they’re still worn today. While many people like to wear this style of shoe with their kilt, others prefer something more comfortable. Can you wear normal brogues with a kilt?

To be fair, some brogues don’t even look good with kilts. But if you have a nice pair that you love to wear, wearing them with your kilt can be an excellent choice.

Just make sure that they’re clean and polished before you put them with your kilt. If they’re scuffed up or dirty, it’s going to look really bad and no one will want to see you in it again!

However, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding whether or not you can wear normal brogues with a kilt:

The occasion: if you’re going to an official event like the opening of the Scottish Parliament then maybe you shouldn’t wear normal brogues with your kilt. However, if it is just an ordinary day then who cares?

Another more casual option is the hybrid brogue which sports holes in the toe cap, shorter laces than the ghillie brogue, and a tongue. Day brogues are a better option for those who struggle with the longer laces of the ghillie brogue.


ECCO men's St.1 Hybrid Lite Brogue Oxford Flat, Amber, 10-10.5 US



Brogues are probably the most classic shoe style you can pair with a kilt. Brogues have the same basic shape and look as they did even 200 years ago when they were first worn in Ireland. They’re comfortable and casual enough to wear with a kilt during casual occasions or at formal events.

Brogues are available in both low and high tops, which means that you’ll want to decide if you would prefer to wear them without socks or tuck in your pants/kilt into them.

Can You Wear Sneakers with a Kilt?

Can you wear sneakers with a kilt? It’s a hot debate, especially in America. Some say it’s off-limits, others say it’s just fine. Tartan on the streets of Scotland is quite different from that worn in America. In the former, the kilt is an everyday garment for men and women, whereas in the latter it’s reserved for special occasions and celebrations.

And while some people have a strong opinion on sneakers with kilts, there are many who don’t see anything wrong with it. Their rationale is that if you’re comfortable, who cares what other people think?

Tartan kilts are quite versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings, from school classrooms to the whiskey distillery. Depending on the occasion, it may be appropriate to wear your kilt with sneakers, or it may simply be your preferred footwear.

While more traditional kilt-wearers often look down upon the more casual style, the truth is that some styles can be worn just about anywhere, whereas others should only be worn in certain situations.

So… You can wear sneakers with a kilt if you’re trying to present a casual look for the summer. You can dress a kilt down just the same as you can dress it up. Pair your kilt with a t-shirt, tank top, or polo shirt. Then add sneakers to complete the look.

Why Wear Sneakers?

Sneakers are comfortable and allow for better airflow than many other types of shoes worn with kilts. When you’re trying to set a more casual tone in your kilt, sneakers are a great alternative to the dressier shoe options. Not all occasions call for nice Oxfords.

Can You Wear Sandals with a Kilt?

You can wear sandals with a kilt if you do it properly. Add them to a kilt ensemble during the summer months when you don’t want to wear over-the-knee socks and brogues. Choose sandals that are more rugged and casual or dressy in nature, depending on your occasion.

How Do You Wear Sandals with a Kilt?

The biggest factor to stress here is you should not wear socks with sandals. Sandals are best for when it’s hot outside. They allow your feet to breathe better. Sandals come in different looks and styles, so you can choose the ones that match the shirt you pair with your kilt to complete any outfit.

In summary, wearing a kilt in the 21st century is not an everyday occurrence, so you’ll want to wear your best, most comfortable shoes when you do. The traditional Scottish brogues are great for a formal setting, but wearing them all day at a Renaissance fair or on a long hike can be uncomfortable and downright painful.

This is why it’s important to wear the right shoes with your kilt such as the Brogue. A classic style with leather uppers, these shoes have an open lacing system that allows air to circulate around your ankles and feet. These shoes are great for walking long distances and going from place to place without sitting down.

If you’re planning on being on your feet all day, look for a pair of black ones because they’re more versatile than brown ones.

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