Are Ecco Shoes Wide Fitting? (What Is Freedom Fit?)

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If you have problems with conventional shoes, narrow-width shoes, or even shoes which do not fit at all then you should take a look at Ecco shoes that are made with a clever comfort technology called Freedom Fit. This is a shoe fitting technique that makes ECCO shoes an ideal fit for a wide variety of foot types including wide fit.

Ecco shoes are designed in regular and wide sizes and are designed in such a way to accommodate people with all foot shapes including wide feet! However, you may have to size up your Ecco shoes if you have wide feet.

The unique Freedom Fit gives added comfort and allows for a very wide fitting. The anatomically shaped and contoured footbed and leather lining, together with the tensioning system and patented wave spring, guarantee a snug fit from the heel to the instep.

Ecco shoes have a wider toe box than most other shoes, which is really useful for those with bunions and hammertoes. And of course very handy for those with wide feet.

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What Is Ecco’s Freedom Fit?

The Freedom Fit concept is what makes ECCO so unique. Their shoes are designed to give you the room your feet need to move, rather than the constriction of conventional footwear.

When you aren’t able to move your toes properly, you can experience pain or numbness in your feet. You can even develop a condition called Metatarsalgia, which is characterized by a dull ache in the balls of your foot.

Ecco designed their Freedom Fit so that their shoes support and protect the natural movements of your feet and give you the feeling of freedom and comfort. With a roomy toe box and a better fit across the arch and heel, Freedom Fit shoes will accommodate nearly any foot shape.

The Freedom Fit enables ECCO’s innovative SoftEdge sole technology, which combines superior cushioning with flexibility. The result is a soft, comfortable shoe that allows your foot to flex naturally. Ecco’s Freedom Fit gives you plenty of room to wiggle your toes, so everything feels more comfortable.


ECCO mens Track 25 Gore-tex Hiking Shoe, Bison/Bison Oil Nubuck, 9-9.5 US


So… the unique Freedom Fit system is designed so your toes have the space to spread as they do in your bare feet. This loosens up your foot’s natural arches for a more comfortable fit and increases your ability to balance as you walk.

Freedom Fit supports a more natural posture, loosening the muscles in the foot and ankle, providing more stability, and helping you walk with a more fluid stride.

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So… Are Ecco Shoes Wide Fitting?

The general consensus is that Ecco shoes do run big and therefore wide. But in reality, they are just designed better. These shoes fit the shape of your foot. The heel area is standard and the shoe fits from the heel forward. Basically, they get wider towards the toe area where you need the width the most.

Most Ecco shoes are suitable for medium to wide widths. If you have narrow feet the shoes may feel a little spacious.

For people used to having the toes so trapped so to speak as conventional shoes get narrow at the toes when they wear Ecco shoes, they feel like a wider fit but in reality, they are just giving you the correct space you need at the top of your foot and toe areas.


ECCO Women's Soft 7 Low Bootie Fashion Sneaker, Warm Grey/Powder Nubuck, 8-8.5


Ecco shoes are designed to be comfortable right out of the box.

Their patented, anatomically shaped footbeds, wide fit lasts (the forms used to make their shoes) and extra-soft foam insoles provide comfort for people who may have trouble finding comfortable shoes because of the size of their feet or other foot issues.

This is what makes Ecco different; they make comfort a priority.

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In summary, how can one shoe sit true to size for one foot, but not the other? Ecco’s patented OneFit last solves this inconvenience by featuring a wide toe box that is proportionate to the width of the foot.

By accommodating differences in size and width, their shoes are designed with your toes in mind. And, our soft leather linings allow your feet to breathe naturally.

Ecco’s Freedom Fit technology allows the outsole to be shared across a much greater range of width fittings. It is an all-natural shoe construction that optimizes comfort and freedom of movement, helping to support the human foot like no other shoe.

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