What Dresses Can You Wear With Boots?

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Boots can be styled with various dress types, such as midi dresses, sweater dresses, shirt dresses, maxi dresses, and A-line dresses. Pairing boots with dresses creates diverse looks, ranging from casual and boho to sophisticated and chic, suitable for different occasions and personal styles.

What Dresses Can You Wear With Boots?

Boots are the ultimate transitional footwear. They take you from one season to another and can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses and skirts.

Boots look great when paired with a dress. Whether the dress is midi. mini. or maxi. boots can elongate your legs and make you look taller. The key to wearing a dress with boots is in how you style it. We’ve got all of the tips you need to get this look right. including what dresses work best with boots.

Boots are a classic footwear staple and you can wear them with almost anything. But some items just look better with boots than others. Wearing boots can also change the style of an outfit. which is why it’s important to know what to pair with your boots. Whether you prefer ankle boots or knee-high boots. there are dresses that will look great when paired with them.

What Dresses Can You Wear With Boots?

Boots are a versatile and stylish footwear choice that can be worn with a variety of dresses. When it comes to pairing boots with dresses, it’s important to consider the length and style of the dress, as well as the type of boots. Here are some suggestions for pairing dresses with boots:

Dress StyleDescriptionBoot Style
Mini DressShort and flirtyAnkle boots or knee-high boots
Midi DressMid-length and versatileAnkle boots or tall boots
Maxi DressLong and flowingAnkle boots or tall boots
Sweater DressCozy and warmAnkle boots or knee-high boots
Shirt DressClassic and chicAnkle boots or tall boots
  • Mini Dress: Ankle boots or knee-high boots can work well with a mini dress, depending on the season and occasion. For a casual look, ankle boots can be paired with a denim or leather mini dress, while knee-high boots can add a touch of elegance to a party or evening outfit.
  • Midi Dress: Ankle boots or tall boots can be paired with a midi dress, depending on the style and occasion. Ankle boots can add a touch of edge to a bohemian or casual midi dress, while tall boots can be paired with a fitted midi dress for a more polished look.
  • Maxi Dress: Ankle boots or tall boots can work well with a maxi dress, depending on the season and style of the dress. Ankle boots can add a touch of edge to a flowing bohemian maxi dress, while tall boots can add some warmth and elegance to a more formal evening maxi dress.
  • Sweater Dress: Ankle boots or knee-high boots can be paired with a cozy sweater dress for a chic and comfortable outfit. Ankle boots can add a touch of edge to a chunky sweater dress, while knee-high boots can add a touch of elegance to a fitted sweater dress.
  • Shirt Dress: Ankle boots or tall boots can work well with a classic shirt dress, depending on the occasion and style. Ankle boots can add a touch of edge to a casual denim shirt dress, while tall boots can add some sophistication to a fitted shirt dress for work or an evening event.

Overall, the key to pairing dresses with boots is to consider the length and style of the dress, as well as the type of boots, to create a cohesive and stylish outfit.

Let’s take a look at some options below.

10 Dresses You Can Wear With Boots

Cute dresses are a staple in any wardrobe. but sometimes it can be hard to style them. When the weather turns cooler and you need to cover up your legs. boots are a great option. and there’s no reason you can’t wear them with a dress even if you’re not going for a country or rocker look. Here are some dresses that work well with boots.

1. Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress is a great piece for fall because it covers everything and keeps you warm. Boots work well with long dresses because they keep your feet warm. too. Maxi Dresses are such an effortless. chic look that can be worn anywhere. With so many styles and trends. it’s hard to pick just one.

You can go with ankle boots for a trendy look or tall knee-high boots for something more dramatic or for when it’s really chilly out.  Here are 5 reasons why maxi dresses look good with boots (and you should try this style too!).

PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Leopard Print Ruffle Maxi Dress Tie Waist Boho Chiffon Flowy Long Dress (Green.  X-Large)

Maxi Dress With Boots is Comfortable

With a maxi dress. you’ll feel comfortable. relaxed. and ready to take on the day. The fact that it is so long gives you the freedom to not worry about showing off your legs. It will also keep you warm in colder months as well as protect your legs from sunburn in summer. This makes sense why so many women reach for this style on those tough days when they’re tired or just not feeling it!

Maxi Dress With Boots is Stylish

A maxi dress is one of the most popular styles of dress for women. It comes in a variety of lengths and styles. which means that you can choose from different cuts and designs. If you are someone who likes to show off your legs. then this could be the perfect choice for you! The maxi skirt and knee-high boots combination look great when worn together as they give an illusion of height.

Maxi Dress and Combat Boots

Maxi dresses are perfect for fall because they’re loose yet still chic. so you don’t have to worry about wearing pants! To make it work-appropriate. add combat boots and a leather jacket.

2. Shift Dresses

These unfitted dresses are so easy to wear that they’ve been popular since the 1960s. They come in many different styles and fabrics — plain cotton jersey shifts are perfect on hot summer days but won’t last long when the weather gets cooler.

A shift dress made of wool or flannel will keep you warm during the colder months and is perfect for wearing with boots. Try ankle-length flat boots or tall riding boots if you want to stay warm even in deep snow.

KIRUNDO Women's Summer Mini Dress Casual V Neck Boho Dress Embroidery Ruffled Sleeveless Shift Dress Loose Badydoll Dress(B-Black.  Medium)

Shift Dress and Cowboy Boots

A shift dress is casual but still put together. which makes it great for weekend wear. Pair it with cowboy boots (or any other western-style boot) and a denim jacket for an easy outfit that makes a statement. Add some jewelry or a hat to complete the look.

3. Booties With Mini Dresses

Booties and mini dresses are perfect for fall and winter. For a more sophisticated look. add sheer tights to the mix. The length of the dress will determine the height of the booties that you can wear. If your dress is too short for booties. bring out the knee-high boots instead.

They’re an easy solution for colder weather.

You know those days when you want to wear a mini dress but it’s too cold for bare legs? It happens all the time in San Francisco. and I love finding creative ways to layer my wardrobe so I can still wear my favorite pieces year-round. Booties with mini dresses are one of my favorite tricks to keep my legs warm while also staying stylish.

Relipop Women's Jumpsuit Floral Print V Neck Baggy Sleeve Waist Tie Double Layer Ruffle Hem Short Mini Dress Romper Orange

They’re a great way to lengthen your legs.

The right pair of booties can make your legs look longer than they are. and wearing them with minis is just another way to trick people into thinking you’re taller than you really are!

You can use them to create an illusion of height.

Like I said above. the right pair of booties can make your legs look longer and leaner so that you appear taller overall. Examples: ankle boots that are the same color as your skin tone or lighter shade pumps (as opposed to black or dark brown).

Mini Dress and Over-the-Knee Boots

For this look. pick a mini dress in any style. It could be bodycon. flowy. or anything in between. The key is to pair it with over-the-knee boots that hit right above your knee. They can either be flat or heeled. Finish the look with simple jewelry and bright lipstick.

4. Wrap Dress and Chunky Ankle Boots

A wrap dress is an elegant choice for any occasion. Pair it with chunky ankle boots for a fall/winter look that works for the office as well as for a holiday party. If it’s cold out. layer on tights underneath. Add a statement necklace and purse to complete the look.

A leather pair of round-toe booties are a great way to take your wrap dress from day to night. For an easy daytime look. try pairing a floral wrap dress with round-toe booties in a similar hue. Finish off the look with some simple jewelry and subtle makeup for a day out at the office or grabbing lunch with friends.

Cosonsen Womens Party Dress Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Bow Tie Waist Ruffle Mini Dress Green L

If you have date night plans after work. swap out your flats for these round-toe booties instead. The dark color will look chic and sophisticated style with your wrap dress and a statement necklace for dinner and drinks with that special someone.

5. Sweater Dress and Tall Boots

Another classic outfit for fall or winter? A sweater dress with tall boots! Pair them with opaque tights or leggings. plus a cute hat and scarf. for an ultra-cozy look that works for any occasion.

Sweater dresses and boots are a classic combination that’s being sported by fashionistas around the world. It’s an outfit that can be worn by women of all ages. The sweater dress is flattering on every body type and is a great option for those who want to look stylish while staying warm this winter.

ANRABESS Women's Slim Fit Cable Knit Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress A145zhuanhong-S Rust

  • It’s warm. Sweater dresses are obviously made out of sweater material. making them super warm. especially on those cold winter days.
  • It’s versatile. Because they come in a variety of colors and styles. you can wear them with many different types of shoes (over-the-knee boots. ankle boots. sneaker wedges. ballet flats). This makes it easy to transition into different seasons as well.
  • It’s easy to accessorize. With all the different options available. adding accessories can make your sweater dress look unique each time you wear it. Adding a scarf in the winter or a waist belt in the spring can change up your entire look.

6. Bodycon Dress and Over-The-Knee Boots

If you’re headed to a night out on the town this season. you can’t go wrong with a bodycon dress paired with over-the-knee boots. This ensemble is seriously trendy! Throw on a blazer to make it more appropriate for work or layer on your favorite fur coat.

Bodycon dress and over-the-knee boots have always been a great combination. It is trendy. simple. and easy to wear. Just throw on a bodycon dress and pair it with over-the-knee boots. you will get a stunning look. In this post. we are going to share with you five reasons why they are perfect partners.

LAGSHIAN Women's Bodycon Tank Dress Sleeveless Basic Midi Club Dresses Black

They can be worn in all seasons

You can wear them together in all seasons. For fall or winter. you can wear them with a trench coat. while for spring or autumn. you can wear them with a blazer or cardigan. When it comes to summer. it seems that you can only wear them without any outerwear. But. actually no! A denim jacket can give an interesting twist. You just need one bodycon dress and one pair of over-the-knee boots to get through the whole year!

They are extremely versatile

This combo looks fabulous when worn on any occasion! It is suitable to be worn in the office. dating. parties and so on. These two pieces are very flexible in that they can be easily transformed from workwear to night-out outfits. And the best part of this combo is that it looks flattering on any body type!

7. Knit Dress and Ankle Boots

If you haven’t noticed. knit dresses have been everywhere lately. From midi to mini. to long and oversized. the silhouettes are endless. All of which are meant to be paired with your favorite ankle boots.

This has got to be one of the most popular combos for fall and winter. A knit dress is perfect for cooler months. and ankle boots are super versatile and stylish. Choose a pair in your favorite shade (brown and black are the most classic) or with embellishments like studs or buckles.

Verdusa Women's Mock Neck Long Sleeve Rib Knit Midi Bodycon Pencil Dress Black M

It’s super easy to put together – just throw on a knit dress. add a jacket. scarf. and some ankle boots and you’re good to go!

You don’t have to worry about exposing skin – the sweater material keeps you warm and cozy. while the ankle boots make sure your legs aren’t exposed to the cold (which is great if you don’t want people staring at your cellulite!)

8. Midi Dress and Chelsea Boots

Feeling flirty? A midi dress is just what you need! Add a pair of Chelsea boots to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends.

A midi dress is a perfect item to have in your wardrobe because it can be worn in so many different ways. In the summer. wear yours with sandals or trainers for a cool daytime look. then swap for heels later on for an easy outfit to take you from day to night.

Women Spring Summer Polka Dot Short Sleeve Outfit Casual Midi Knee Dress Brown L

In the winter. it’s all about layering. Add tights and ankle boots for a cozy daytime look or try over-the-knee boots and a biker jacket for something edgier.

A pair of Chelsea boots are also incredibly versatile – wear them with jeans or trousers for a casual look. or dress them up with a skirt/dress and tights when it’s cold. They come in so many different styles too – try studded or embellished ones for something different this season!

9. Slip Dress and Combat Boots

There’s something so effortlessly cool and casually trendy about the slip dress and combat boots combo. I’m always getting questions on how to style a slip dress. whether it’s to wear to work. out with friends. or just every day.

Although slip dresses are usually associated with summer. I love them during the colder months as well. They feel so comfy! The best way to wear a slip dress in fall or winter is to pair it with combat boots. Add a leather jacket for extra warmth if needed. or just keep it tucked into your handbag when you don’t need it.

AUHEGN Women Soft Sleep Chemise Dress Lightweight Full Slip (White.Medium)

  • The slip dress is sultry and trendy while wearing combat boots adds a rugged appeal.
  • This look is perfect for a night out clubbing or even just a casual day out with friends.
  • This stylish combination is also very comfortable. especially if you choose flat-heeled boots.
  • When wearing this outfit. balance out the darkness of the boots by wearing a light-colored slip dress.
  • To get an idea of how to wear this outfit. take a look at celebrities like Kendall Jenner who were spotted wearing slip dresses and combat boots.

10. Cocktail Dress and Booties

Thought you couldn’t wear dresses to wear with boots? Think again! Pairing a cocktail dress with booties is actually quite chic. If you’re not sure about this look. start off with a shorter hemline and work your way up to the longer hemlines.

GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Wrap Cocktail Dresses A-Line L Black

Just make sure that the dress is fitted above the knees. otherwise. it will look bulky. A thin-strapped cocktail dress is also flattering when paired with booties. For a more casual look. throw on a cardigan or blazer over your shoulders for some stylish warmth.

  • It’s the perfect combination for stepping out. and if you’re headed to a party. you want to be dressed appropriately.
  • Another reason why women love the cocktail dress and booties is that it allows them to wear something with a little more coverage.
  • There are numerous styles of cocktail dresses available. so no matter what your style is. you will find one that fits you perfectly.
  • Booties are also extremely comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time without pain or discomfort.
  • The cocktail dress and booties look great together and make the wearer look very sophisticated and put together.

What Dresses Can You Wear With Boots? Learn From Our Expert Answers!

Are you tired of the same old dress with the same old boots? Do you want to try something new but don’t know what to wear with your newly purchased boots? Fear not because we have answers for you!

Can you wear ankle boots with midi dresses?

Absolutely! Ankle boots with midi dresses give off a chic and effortless vibe. You can add a belt around your waist to accentuate your curves and complete the look with a statement necklace.

What type of dress goes well with knee-high boots?

Knee-high boots can be worn with many styles of dresses. However, if you are looking for something that screams sophistication, pair them with a stylish shift dress or a flowy maxi dress. With these dresses, you can add a blazer or leather jacket to keep you warm and stylish.

What color dress looks good with brown boots?

Brown boots can be worn with dresses of many colors such as black, beige, and navy blue. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, we suggest a muted green or burgundy-colored dress. These colors will give you the edge you need to make a statement.

Can you wear a short dress with over-the-knee boots?

Absolutely! If you are going for a daring look, pairing a short dress with over-the-knee boots is just the thing. You can add a blazer or a denim jacket to complete the look, and you are good to go.

How do you wear cowboy boots with a dress?

Cowboy boots go well with a bohemian-style dress or a floral dress. You can add a suede or denim jacket and a hat to complete the western-inspired look. In addition, a statement belt around your waist will add that extra oomph to your outfit.

Can you wear tights with ankle boots?

Yes, you can wear tights with ankle boots! They look stylish with an A-line skirt or a midi dress. You can also add a fur vest, a statement necklace, and a clutch to complete the look.

Can you wear a sweater dress with boots?

Absolutely! Sweater dresses are warm and comfortable, and they look great with knee-high boots. We suggest adding an oversized scarf and a belt to cinch your waistline and complete the look.

How do you style a little black dress with boots?

A little black dress is a classic, and there are various ways to style them with boots. We suggest pairing a short black dress with ankle boots and a leather jacket. You can also add a bold necklace and a clutch to complete your look.

In summary. Boot styles are ever-changing and the trend for fall is for a mix of uppers and heels. Pairing a dress with boots is an attainable look for most women. but it does take some thought.

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