Can You Wear Sandals with Tights? (Is It OK?)

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Sandals and tights seem like they should be an easy match, but the reality is that they can be trickier to pull off than you might think. Before you commit an entire day to sandals and stockings, consider your body type and the style of footwear you’re looking to wear.

If you have larger calves or wider feet, a pair of clunky sandals won’t work as well as a heeled loafer or ankle strap shoe. Similarly, if you’re tall or have long legs, there are plenty of styles out there that will elongate your lower half and make them look even more slender.

What about skin tone? If you decide to wear tights with open-toed shoes, the color of your skin will probably dictate the color of your tights. However, if you’re wearing lighter shade stockings with an open-toe shoe, you can wear any hue from tan to dark brown without worrying about looking mismatched.

Be aware that it can sometimes look strange to wear sandals with pantyhose or fishnets. Also, keep in mind that some brands use different sizing for their hosiery than for their footwear.

Can You Wear Sandals with Tights?

Although wearing sandals with tights is not a very popular style, you can certainly wear them together. If you do, it’s important to make sure that the sandals are not a thong style with a strap that goes between your toes because these cannot be worn over tights.


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You would need sandals that only have straps over your whole foot to hold the shoe in place in order to wear sandals with tights. If there are any cutouts in the sandals for your toes, you would not be able to wear tights underneath because tights keep all your toes together.

Can I Wear Lighter Shade Tights with Sandals?

You can wear lighter shade tights with sandals, as long as choosing your tights carefully. Firstly, you don’t want to choose lighter shade tights with a reinforced toe. Especially if your sandals have an open toe. Instead, opt for what is known as the sandal toe tight (no reinforced toe section) or you can purchase tights that have no toe covering at all.


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The beauty of lighter shade tights is that they come in a variety of different shades. So, you should be able to find something to match your skin tone. Lighter shade tights with a slight shimmer can look great at night for an extra bit of glam.

Can You Wear Fishnets with Sandals?

It is best to avoid sandals if you are wearing fishnets. Especially with sandals that have a very open style and/or an open toe. Wearing fishnets with sandals can often result in a look that is deemed trashy and unsophisticated.

However, those that have the confidence and like to make risqué fashion choices may be able to pull off this look.

Fishnets with a fine mesh weave will probably work best. You may even be able to purchase fishnets that have an open toe. Unless you are going for a super edgy look, make sure that your fishnets don’t have any rips or tears.

Is It Ok to Wear Open Toed Shoes with Tights?

Open-toed shoes do not look great when paired with tights. This is a look that most people will want to stay well away from. However, like anything ‘fashion,’ there are always exceptions.

Tights that are opaque, especially those with an interesting pattern, can work together. Stay away from tights that have the reinforced toe, definitely an unsightly look!

Shoes with a smaller toe opening will work better with the tights. You can even buy tights that have open toes. At the end of the day, if you’re someone who likes breaking rules, then go for it!

Can I Wear Tights with Wedges?

You can absolutely wear a pair of tights with wedges, although fashion experts believe there is a right and wrong way to do so.


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How to Wear Tights with Wedges?

Since wedges are normally open-toed shoes, it’s important to pick a pair of tights that don’t have a visible seam at the toe.
You also want to look out for a pair of tights whose color isn’t going to clash with the color or style of your wedges. And finally, you should always consider the comfort level of certain tights or hose materials paired with chunky wedge-style shoes.

Can You Wear Stockings with Sandals?

You can wear stockings with sandals as long as you make sure that the style of your sandal will work with stockings on. If you want to wear stockings with your sandals, it’s recommended to try the sandals on with stockings in the store to make sure they will work properly.

Although stockings are more commonly worn with closed-toe shoes, you can wear them with sandals that have straps that go across your entire foot. You can’t wear stockings with a flip-flop style sandal or any sandal that has pieces that go in between your toes because your stockings will prevent them from fitting correctly.

Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

You can wear pantyhose with sandals so long as the sandals do not have any straps that go between or around individual toes like thong-style or flip-flop style sandals. This is a reason why you typically only see pantyhose with closed-toe shoes, but you can wear them with the right type of sandals if you wish.

Because pantyhose cover all of your toes, you would not be able to wear a sandal like that. If you do plan to wear pantyhose under your sandals, make sure that the sandals have straps that can easily go over your whole foot.

In summary, if you want to wear longer tights with sandals, then be careful which kind of sandals you are wearing. For example, if they are flat, open-toed shoes then they may look nice. If your sandal has a high heel that is quite thick then wearing tights may not look right because it might make your feet look smaller than they actually are.

Also, remember that lighter shade tights are best worn with lighter shade footwear and black-colored tights are best worn with black-colored footwear. If the color of your clothing contrasts too much with the color of the footwear and tights it may look odd instead of fashionable and stylish.

So yes you can wear sandals with stockings but do keep in mind what sort of sandals you are wearing and what sort of stocking you are wearing to ensure that it looks stylish and not odd.

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