Call of Duty Mobile: Best Operator Skill

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Best operator skill for you to use in Call of Duty Mobile that will enable you to be the best player on the map! And ensure you that first place position on the leaderboard.

Currently, serving within Call of Duty Mobile there are 6 different operator skills players can choose to select and use. With the most recent operator skill being introduced alongside the new Halloween Update making up the six. If you don’t want to read ahead the SPARROW is the best specialist BY FAR, read below to know why.

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Best Operator Skill In Call of Duty Mobile


Currently serving within Call of Duty Mobile there are 6 different operators players can select to use. Each has their own individual abilities and attributes that when utilized and applied correctly,  in the right situations, games and game modes, can prove to be effective beyond belief changing up the game and your stats immensely. The 6 different operator skills are as follows.

  • Transform Shield – Places a deformable shield, which occasionally can provide to be useful.
  • Sparrow – Increases range the longer the Sparrow is drawn and has powerful blasting arrows. The quickest chargeable/rechargeable specialist in-game.
  • Tempest – Hold the fire button to build up power and send a bolt of lighting at the target. Hits up to nine nearby targets at a time. Overall useless never equip this operator skill.
  • Purifier – Flamethrower that blasts a stream of scorching fire within close range, can be useful on small quarters maps like Killhouse.
  • War Machine – Fully automatic grenade launcher with a devasting payload. That is the second-best overall operator skill to use the only let down is the charge up-time which is ridiculous.
  • Scythe – A handheld mini-gun that slowly increases accuracy over time. This is the third-best specialist as of right now.


The very best operator skill to use right now undoubtedly is the Sparrow. And there are many reasons for this.

  • It’s extremely easy to aim, requiring minimal effort.
  • Sparrow is an instant kill on impact
  • Insanely high splash damage allowing you to shoot near and around enemies and them still dying.
  • Suitable for both long and short-range.
  • The Sparrow is the quickest operator skill to charge up fully, making it a huge advantage easy game. Alongside this, it’s the only operator skill you can get multiple times within a game because of how quick the charge is.

The sparrow allows you to shoot six bullets that will instantly kill anyone near and around the targetted area that you decide to shoot. The more you shoot the quicker the bar will decrease until you need to charge it back up again.


Operator Skills From Best to Worst

  • Sparrow – Easily the best choice by far and highly recommend that you equip it both best in ranked and casual play.
  • War Machine – Coming in Second the War Machine is fantastic in its role with the only drawback with it taking centuries to charge up in-game to be able to use.
  • Scythe – Third best specialist but easily could tie in second place with the War Machine, just based on personal preference. Drawback only takes to long to wind up and shoot.
  • Purifier – Fourth, the purifier can provide to be useful but given the limited range on the specialist, it renders it useless on the bigger maps.
  • Transform Shield – Coming in fifth the transform shield is actually more useful than the tempest how surprising.
  • Tempest –  Absolutely trash specialist don’t waste your time learning how to use it, for there are way better options.


Below is gameplay of how overpowered the Sparrow currently is.

Sparrow Gameplay


Taking all this into account, it’s crucial to remember that the best operator skill will be the one that suits your gameplay and play style the best.


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