Are Ariat Boots Waterproof? (Can Your Ariat’s Get Wet?)

Are Ariat boots waterproof?

Most of the Ariat cowboy boots are water-resistant but only a few are 100% waterproof. They are ideal for being outside in the rain, riding horses, or spending time in wet environments. Riding through a creek or jumping into a puddle is no match for Ariat’s waterproof boots. The waterproofing process uses a special lining …

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What Are Ariat Boots Good For? (Working, Riding, Night Out)

What are Ariat boots good for?

Ariat boots are good for horseback riding, work, casual wear, and many other activities. The clever tech that Ariat uses to create their boots improves your performance by maintaining power, reducing fatigue, and providing enhanced thermal regulation. Ariat Boots are good for every day, but they are also great for enjoying your favorite outdoor adventures. …

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