Are Vans Good For Your Feet? (Flat Shoes)

You probably already know what you think about Vans. If you are under thirty, your feet have spent most of their lives in them. If you are over thirty, you have spent most of your adult life looking at the tops of them. They are immensely popular but are they actually good for your feet?

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The simple fact is that Vans shoes are no better or worse for your feet than any other brand of shoe. But depending on the shape of your feet, how much you weigh, and what you want to use them for will determine if they will work for you.

What you have to bear in mind with Vans is that it is a minimalist shoe. That means wearing these shoes is as close as you can get to going barefoot while feeling comfortable and having your feet protected.

Now… if you are a big lump of a lad or have certain back, knee, or feet issues these may not be the shoe for you. If you are looking for shoes with lots of padding under them such as you would wear road running these are not the shoes for you.

These are excellent shoes for sports like skating because you can feel the board and the ground better through the design of these shoes. They are also ideal for anyone who wants to look stylish and cool. They are perfect for casual wear and hanging around the beach, etc.


Are Vans Good For Flat Feet?

The general consensus is that Vans are not ideal for flat feet because they offer no arch support at all. However, many people with flat fat say that is actually helpful and eliminates any pain that would result from their feet being forced into an unnatural position.

The soles are very, very flat and the shoes also have a high width to them. In fact, many would say they are one of the flatter shoes they have ever seen.

The best Vans shoe for flat feet are their Pro Series. This shoe has extra support and more cushion than other Van shoes. Plus, the isole is removable and you can replace it with another insole that better suits you if needed.

If you prefer to wear the original Vans Classic it is a good idea to wear them on the days where you know you won’t be standing around a lot and constantly on your feet. There are plenty of flat-footed people who love the following Old Skools.


Vans Men’s Old Skool Pro Skate


Vans Old Skool Pro Shoes 11.5 B(M) US Women / 10 D(M) US Black White

Are Vans Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, they are. Vans can accommodate a wide range of sizes and many people with wide people love Vans. For example, people who have wide feet have left feedback saying they can not fit into Nike shoes but have no issues wearing Vans and find the most comfortable.

The best Vans shoes for wide feet are Vans Old Skools, Vans Sk8-hi, Vans Chukkas, Vans Ultra Range, and the Vans Slip Ons.

However, it might be best to actually go into a store and try them on rather than buying them online as getting the correct size for your wide foot can be a little tricky.

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Are Vans Good For Arch Support?

Most Vans shoes do not offer arch support and until recently Vans was considered to be a very poor choice for anyone who needs arch support. However, Vans has created a product called ComfyCush that provides much more cushioning and arch support than their other shoes.

The most prominent feature is the foam midsole, which makes for a shoe that is extremely comfortable without sacrificing any of the flexibility or performance of a sneaker. The padded collar and insole provide extra comfort, and there’s arch support to keep your feet feeling good over time.

The Vans ComfyCush Slip-On is maybe the most comfortable casual shoe you can buy. Although they’re low-top sneakers, they have a thick foam midsole that gives them a pillowy feeling underfoot. So if you are looking for the best Vans shoe for arch support this is definitely the one…


Vans ComfyCush Slip-On


Vans ComfyCush Slip-On (Plaid Check) Green/True White Men's 5.5, Women's 7

Vans ComfyCush

The ComfyCush Slip-On was made for laid-back days on your feet. The slip-on construction eliminates laces, so you’ll never have to worry about untying them again. These shoes are perfect for the office, the classroom, or even for playing sports like tennis or softball.

Vans ComfyCush fuses iconic Vans styles with comfort technology. The uppers are made from patented memory foam, delivering a personalized fit and feel. It’s the world’s first memory foam shoe designed for both casual and performance use.

They feature suede uppers with padded collars and footbeds, suede lining, quality construction essential to Vans, vulcanized outsoles, and padded heel counters for support. Vans ComfyCush Slip-On is a sneaker that has been designed to fit like a sock on your foot.

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Are Vans Good For Narrow Feet?

The Van is unique among shoes in that it is made for narrow feet. If you have narrow feet, Vans are the right choice for you. Narrow feet need a surf shoe with a slim profile to fit their narrow shape. So if you have narrow feet, Vans are one of your better options when it comes to shoes.

Are Vans good for narrow feet? The answer is a resounding YES. Vans have been a cult classic since their inception in – a shoe for a skateboarding movement that was born out of a necessity. Due to manufacturing methods, they come in various widths, so if you have narrow feet you need not wait to experience the magic of Vans.

Vans are made for narrow feet and they are even perfect for children’s feet. Children’s feet are narrower than adult feet. Consequently, Van shoes fit better than other kinds of canvas shoes fit other kinds of feet.

Vans are the only shoes that are good for narrow feet. The basic idea behind Vans is that it’s a little bit wider than the foot, and the foot fits into it. So if your foot is really narrow but not long, you can just walk into a pair of Vans and they fit perfectly.


Are Vans Good For Ankle Support?

Skateboarders and longboarders need their ankles to be sturdy and strong because they use them frequently while performing tricks or riding their boards. Skaters who perform ollies, kickflips, heelflips, and other such tricks should also consider buying Vans because they’re known for their ankle support.

Any of the low-cut Vans shoes will not have ankle support however all of the shoes that cover your ankles such as the Vans Sk8 do offer ankle support.

Vans aren’t just good for skating though; they’re also good for other physical activities such as surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. They’re probably one of the most versatile shoes out there due to the fact that they can be used in so many different active situations while still providing ankle support.


Are Vans Good For High Arches?

Vans are not known for supporting high arches however many people with high arches absolutely love them. Why? Because there is plenty of room to add inserts. And by far the most popular insert is Dr. Scholl’s. so if your shoes don’t feel good, it’s time to get custom orthotics like Dr. Scholl’s inserts – you love the difference they make.

Are Vans Good For Orthotics?

Walking on your heels for hours, or just being on your feet all day can be a painful experience. With Dr. Scholls High Arch Orthotics you get the shock absorbing and arch-supporting benefits of orthotic shoe inserts in a cool and contemporary design. The lightweight and flexible design make them an easy fit inside any shoe or sandal.

Whether you need it for extra cushioning for your arches or just to give yourself a bit more room, you can put insoles in any Vans shoes. Vans are designed with a removable insole so if your orthotics don’t fit just remove the insole for extra room.

Vans is a shoe company that makes quality shoes. With Vans shoes, you can put orthopedic inserts in them to help with back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions. It all depends on what your foot problems are and what insoles you need. You can also wear regular insoles and they will work just as well as orthopedic insoles.


Are Vans Good For Back Pain & Dodgy Knees?

As explained earlier these shoes (with the exception ComfyCush Slip-On) are very flat shoes and by themselves are not very supportive for anyone suffering from back issues. In fact, flat shoes are probably the worst you can get for back and knee issues.

However, many of us have foot problems that can be relieved with orthotics. Orthotics are shoe inserts that help to correct the biomechanics of the foot and are used to treat a variety of conditions including plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, flat feet, knee pain, shin splints, hip pain, back pain, etc.

So Dr. Scholl’s magical inserts are the answer again. It may not be enough depending on your particular circumstances and how severe your pain is in those areas. But Vans by themselves are not the shoe for you if you have back and knee pain.

In summary, Vans are a great way to keep your feet protected and comfortable. They work great at the skate park, pool, beach, or hanging out with friends.

Vans are not for hiking or long-distance walking. If you walk on a lot of concrete they won’t be helpful either. All you have to remember is that this brand produces shoes that are flat. really. really flat. So if you are looking for foot support and extra padding and all that stuff this is not the brand for you. (Outside of using inserts of course)

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