Are Danner Boots Good? 10 Reasons Why Danner Boots Are Good

Are Danner Boots Good?

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Danner boots are some of the best on the market and are worth every penny… They are handmade… waterproof… and sturdy enough to last a lifetime… They offer a variety of styles… colors… and materials that make them versatile enough for almost any job.

The materials used in Danner boots are top-notch… They are primarily made with leather and other animal skin products… which means that they will be very durable and sturdy.

Like any other boot… you will want to take care of them properly… but they will hold up well when you do so. They are quality-made boots that will last for decades if cared for properly… And if something does go wrong with your pair of Danners… their customer service is top-notch!

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10 Reasons Why Danner Boots Are Good

Danner boots (Available at Amazon) are durable and rugged… They’ve been around since the 1930s and helped pioneer the rough hiking boot model… Danner offers several different types of hiking boots… including waterproof ones and backpacking models… This brand has a great reputation for durability.

1… Danner Boots Have Good Traction

Danner boots have an aggressive tread pattern… which makes them better than most other brands in the traction department… The tread is designed to get a good grip on loose or slick terrain… These boots are also backed by Vibram rubber… so you know that they’re going to be durable and long-lasting as well.

This type of tread pattern is usually only found on heavy-duty mountaineering boots… which means you’ll get that kind of performance from your Danner boot if you need it.

The traction on Danner boots is excellent… The sole is designed to grip the ground and give you stability during even the most treacherous terrain conditions imaginable… They are well known for their durability and abrasion resistance qualities making these boots ideal for hiking up steep hillsides or through snowdrifts without slipping (although they do tend to scratch easily).

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2… Danner Boots Are Durable

You can expect a pair of Danner boots to last you for years to come… They’re made with full-grain leather and synthetic uppers that provide plenty of support and stability while you’re out on the trail.


Danner Men's Acadia 8" Boot.Black.7 D US


The upper is also waterproofed with Danner’s proprietary Dry liner material… which helps keep your feet dry no matter how wet the conditions may be outside… Danner boots are made with a stitch-down construction… which means that the sole is stitched onto the upper and then cemented… creating a very sturdy bond.

This gives the boot a lot more support and flexibility compared to other brands that simply glue their soles on. The stitching on Danner boots is incredibly strong – you can basically feel it just by looking at it.

3… American Made

Danner has been making their boots in America since 1932… Their headquarters is based out of Portland… Oregon where they make some of their boots… Other styles are made in their second facility located in Nebraska… Danner used to make all of their boots in Portland… but as sales increased and demand for their boots grew… they had to expand operations.

However… it is important to note that Danner outsources most of its leather and materials from other countries… Yet once these components arrive at one of their facilities… they are processed and assembled by hard-working Americans who take pride in what they’re doing.

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4… Sizing

If you’ve tried on a pair of Danners before and thought they run large or small – don’t worry! Their sizing is pretty standard across the board given that they are all made in the USA (whereas other boot companies may have their products made abroad)… so there shouldn’t be too much variation depending on what style you buy.


Danner Men's USMC Rat 8-Inch Gore-TEX� Mojave Nubuck Leather 10.5 W Brown


If you are normally a size 10… then a size 10 in any Danner product should fit well… The only thing to keep in mind when choosing the right size for you is whether or not the boot has a removable footbed or if it has a Gore-tex liner.

If it does have a Gore-tex liner… then I would go up half a size from your normal shoe size because it will be slightly tighter with the added cushioning.

5… Dannar’s Boots are Made from High-Quality Materials

Danner uses only the highest quality materials in its footwear products… This includes leather… suede… canvas… mesh… and rubber soles that are specifically designed for different types of terrain or weather conditions (waterproofing).

These materials ensure that your feet will stay warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside… They also provide protection against abrasions caused by walking on rough surfaces such as rocks or gravel roads/trails/pathways etc…

Danner knows they make quality products because they stand behind every pair sold! It doesn’t matter if you wear them out while hunting or hiking- they’ll still be there when you need them again next season!

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6… Waterproof / Water-Resistant

Danner boots come with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining… The Gore-Tex lining is the most advanced and durable waterproof footwear lining on the market… It keeps your feet dry while maintaining breathability… This is an added benefit for those on the job… out hunting… or just enjoying the outdoors.


Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot.Black.11 D US


Danner’s proprietary Gore-Tex lining makes their boots waterproof and breathable so your feet won’t get wet or sweaty in the rain… Most hunters prefer Danner’s Gore-Tex lined models because they can be worn all day long without getting uncomfortable or cold when it rains unexpectedly on their hunt!

7… They’re Comfortable

The first time you put on a pair of Danners you might be surprised at how comfortable they feel… Even after years of use… many people report that their Danners still feel as good as the day they bought them.

The comfort of Danner boots stems from their design and structure… The stitch-down construction provides a wider platform for better stability underfoot while also allowing the boot to mold to your foot over time.

The design also features shock absorption pads on the heels… extra cushioning in the collar and tongue… and thick padding at the ball of the foot… Danner’s durable materials also provide some insulation which adds comfort in cold weather conditions.

If you try on a pair of Danners and don’t find them to be the most comfortable boots you’ve ever worn… then there’s something wrong with them or your feet… Plain and simple.

Danners are renowned for their comfort… thanks to their rich leather uppers that mold to your feet over time and their cushy midsoles that absorb shock from walking on rocky terrain… uneven surfaces… or hard floors.

After several uses… the leather will soften further and conform even more so to your feet… It takes time… but it’s well worth it in terms of comfort… This is especially true if you’re prone to getting blisters when hiking.

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8… Stylish Designs

Danner makes boots that look good… You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to get quality and functionality with a pair of Danner boots… Whether you’re looking for something casual or rugged… you’ll find it in their catalog of products.


Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Military and Tactical Boot... Coyote... 10.5 2E US


Variety of Styles

You can find a Danner boot for every need or purpose you might have… These include military… law enforcement… tactical… hunting… hiking/backpacking… work/uniform… and general outdoor boots… You can also choose from insulated or uninsulated boots depending on your climate and weather conditions.

Danner’s hiking boots are ideally suited for hunting and backpacking due to their stable construction… shock absorption… and excellent traction… Their hunting boots feature camouflage patterns that help hunters stay hidden from game animals.

Law enforcement boots include work boots… motorcycle boots… and athletic shoes… The company also makes shoes for a dress or casual wear that use many of the same materials found in the other styles but with a more refined look… With dozens of styles available for men… women… and children… there is likely to be something for everyone in the Danner collection.

9… Reputation

Danner boots are an American brand that has been around since 1932… so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon… The fact that they’ve survived in competitive markets for as long as they have speaks volumes about their reputation.

Danner is also a reputable brand that many well-respected people have endorsed over the years… They even have a boot named after one of them—the Danner Beckman… This boot was named after Roy Beckman… an outdoorsman and owner of the Four Wheel Campers in Woodland… California.

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10… Ease of Care

Danner boots require little maintenance if you follow the company’s basic care instructions that come with each pair of boots they sell: They tell you not to use any polishes on their boots because they contain silicone oils that may cause damage to the waterproof lining of the boot; instead… they recommend using a leather conditioner called Danner Pro-Care.


Danner Men's Ankle Hiking Boot... Java/Bossa Nova... 8



The sole and heel on all of Danner’s boots are rebuildable… If you wear your boots down… take them to any local cobbler for a quick fix rather than buying a new pair… It’s more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective.

11… They’re Affordable

Although a pair of Danner boots may cost more than your average department store boot… they are less expensive than other high-end brands with similar quality… If you take care of them… they’ll last for years longer than a pair of less expensive department store boots and provide better performance in the long run.

12… They’re Great for the Outdoors

Danner’s rugged designs make them the perfect boot for outdoor activities like hunting and backpacking… Their heavy-duty construction makes them comfortable enough to wear all day long on your next hike or camping trip.


Danner Men's StrikerBolt 4.5" GTX Military and Tactical Boot... Black... 6 W US


The soles on many of the Danner boots are removable and replaceable which makes them some of the most comfortable work boots you can buy… All of their soles are made by Vibram… one of the top names in boot sole manufacturer… Their soles also feature a very fine tread pattern that is designed to shed mud and dirt when walking on rough terrain.

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In summary… the Danner brand is known for making rugged… utilitarian boots that are built to withstand various climates and weather conditions.

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