Are Altra Shoes Waterproof? (Do They Make A Waterproof Shoe?)

Let’s take a look at Altra shoes. They are pretty popular right now because of their lightweight design and good traction. But do you think they are waterproof? Let’s find out.

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The majority of Altra shoes are amazing for navigating trails during all weather conditions and can handle tough going in the mud and rain to a good extend however they only have the majority of their shoes are not waterproof. However, they do have a waterproof shoe.

So with the exception of one style of shoe Altra shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof. This means that they will keep your feet dry in ordinary circumstances. For example, if you’re caught in the rain and your shoes get wet, or you step into a puddle and happen to step into it with your shoe.

Does Altra Make A Waterproof Shoe?

If you are wondering which Altra shoe is waterproof – it is the Lone Peak 4 available for both men and women.

This shoe has a waterproof barrier inside of the shoe which was designed this way so that moisture from wet terrain would not wick up from the ground and get your socks wet. Also, it is easier to dry out if desired.

We live in a wet world, from misty mornings to wilderness hikes and rainy city streets, we want our gear to be up for anything. The new Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM is their best trail shoe yet and is the only option for trail running when it’s wet. Altra makes several water-resistant shoes, but only the Lone Peak 4 is waterproof.

Is Altra Lone Peak 4 Waterproof?

Yes, indeed this is THE waterproof shoe Altra makes. Throw out the excuses that you can’t run in the rain or snow anymore. The new Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM waterproof shoe keeps your feet dry and comfortable all year long.

The upper is made with a durable but breathable membrane to keep water out, while the footbed creates a supportive profile to keep shocks at bay. To increase your traction in wet conditions, this shoe features an aggressive tread pattern, so you’ll feel safe and secure even in slippery conditions.

Your feet are vulnerable to all kinds of weather. Don’t let that stop you! The Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM is built for inclement conditions. Put the spotlight on winter running to spice up your workout routine with the Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM!



ALTRA Women's ALW1855L Lone Peak 4 Low RSM Waterproof Trail Running Shoe, Beet Red - 6 M US



The Altra Lone Peak 4 Low RSM is the ultimate lightweight, stability shoe. The newly engineered Biomorphic Fit platform feels like it was made for your foot. The newly designed 0 drop sole provides cushioning where you need it most. Constructed out of super-light materials this shoe is fast, comfortable, and ready to go!

With a combination of tough Gore-Tex waterproof breathable fabric and an Altra Outdry sockliner that keeps water out and locks in your step’s heat & wicks moisture away from your feet, these shoes are ready to take on any trail.

From backwoods trails to urban sidewalks, the Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM is a tough trail running shoe created for anything you can throw at it. It’s waterproof and fully seam-sealed with a GORE-TEX liner, so the only thing you’ll be worrying about is which path to take. So, go ahead… run wild!

Are Altra Superior Waterproof?

The Superior 5 is the shoe lots of people are raving about. It is a lightweight, durable outsole that provides the essential traction and shock absorption of the Superior series. This brand gets it. We live in a world full of dirt and rocks, and that’s why they added an aggressive lug pattern to the Vibram that will keep you firmly planted on unstable surfaces. But are they waterproof?

The Altra Superior is not waterproof. Specifically, the leather upper is not treated with any waterproofing material/process, however, Altra’s proprietary “AltraBite” outsole will protect you from light rainfall and puddle jumping.

What they do not provide is a certain level of protection from standing in puddles, carrying a backpack in a downpour, puddle jumping, etc. You get it – they are pretty good in most circumstances but if you run through a river they are definitely not waterproof.


ALTRA Men's AL0A546Z Superior 5 Trail Running Shoe, Black/Red - 10 M US


These waterproof men’s shoes are ideal for spring hiking, backpacking, and general use in inclement weather. They’re also durable thanks to being triple stitched and reinforced with a protective rubber midsole. The soles feature a special diamond pattern that improves traction.

Are Altra All Weather Waterproof?

The answer is that these particular shoes are not strictly waterproof (with the exception of the Lone Peak 4), but they do repel water very well. If ultra wet conditioners some water will get in; it will come through the mesh between the sole and the upper, and through seams where the sole meets the upper along the sides of your foot.

But most of the water will stay outside because even a very fine mist will bead up and roll off the upper. This is a much better performance than many other shoes however they are not 100% waterproof.

Athletic shoes are not, in general, waterproof. Some brands offer shoes that are water-resistant, meaning that you can probably get away with wearing them in light rain without your feet getting soaked. But they aren’t meant to be submerged in water; the material isn’t designed to repel water but to let it in and out through tiny pores.

In summary, with just one exception you should consider most of the Altra shoes as water-resistant as opposed to waterproof. They are well and truly tough enough to handle most conditioners.

The All-Weather range can indeed handle all weather, for some reason that terminology makes us think they are waterproof but that is not the case. They will hold up well for all of your walking and running needs in any season but they are not designed to go underwater.

Sure, some rain and snow won’t hurt them all you have to do is dry them. It just means they won’t keep your feet completely dry if conditioners turn really, really bad.

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